David Cameron says too many top British athletes went to public school

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pimpernel, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. London 2012 Olympics: David Cameron says too many top British athletes went to public school

    Too many successful British athletes went to public school, David Cameron has said. DT linkie

    Well what do we say with this revelation! Perhaps that too many top politicians go to Public School David.
  2. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Considering the fastest/strongest athletes go to the Olympics, it's more about your athletic prowess than what public school you went to. Unless of course Call Me Dave wants to pass legislation that ex-public school pupils must wear a 1kg weight on each ankle to level up the playing field for less privileged pupils.

    The alternative to bleating about "privilege and breaking down barriers" is to get on and improve the quality of state schools.

    Someone tell the prick that words are cheap and his actions are what he will be judged by.

    What a tosser...

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  3. Have you got a reference for this?
  4. It's a question of who can afford access either on a personal level or through their institutional facilities. Two tier Britain showing it's colours again.

    The article quotes him saying “Sport can change lives. So why is it that in so many schools sport has been squeezed out and facilities run down?"

    Dave!!! You are the Prime Minister and it's your government running the show! That means you can do something about it!

    I'm not holding my breath though.
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  5. It would make sense; most ?State schools flogged off their sports grounds for development ages ago, whilst Public schools still tend to have a strong sporting ethos.

    Though in the time-honoured British way, the preferred solution will be to make the Public-school pupils as unfit as the State-school pupils, rather than the other way round.
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  6. Blair sold all the bloody playing fields to developers, plus public schools kids have parents that won't feed them shite. The sports facilities at most public schools are comprehensive and varied. Some even have Eton Fives courts!
  7. Simples. School playing field sales. Started under the previous Tory Government and dammed by Labour & Liberals. Continued under New Labour without shame and condemmed by Tories and Liberals. Not stopped by dog's dinner currently in charge and probably dammed by New Old Labour. Add 13 odd years of inane fiddling by New Labour and there you go. The only schools that can provide decent sports options tend to to be those that aren't under local LEA/Council/Government control and can pick and choice how to waste their cash....
  8. The Conservative Party should focus on what it is, not what it isn't.

    Agree with Wordsmith, actions not words too.
  9. That pretty well hits the nail on the head.

    And WTF is Call Me Dave proposing? Some sort of quota system? That would truly **** our medal tally at the Olympics.

  10. Seems coloured gentlemen are over represented among the sprinters.
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  11. When your parents live on an estate (instead of an Estate) you are precluded from doing as you wish in life by the luck of a trust fund or wealthy parents.

    I would posit that's the more likely cause. Solution? State funding of high-calibre young sports people (Left) or better sponsership routes/charity/allow parents to fund high-calibre young (Right).

    As I say, the Conservatives should focus on what they are and not focus on pointless diatribes.
  12. National Playing Fields Association as I thought it was, but now Fields in Trust.

    Protecting Playing Fields & Outdoor Recreation Space - Fields in Trust

    Supported by Michael Caine, he is a prominent supporter apparently.

    (Not a lot of people know that, what a nice chap though).

    Having been brought up in a city, gone to a school without any playing fields, I am grateful for what playing space there was. RGJBloke has it, Dave can change things.

    For my part, I want my children to play and take up whatever sports they care to on whatever grassy fields they can. If we can all do that then our children with be healthier, better socialised and less at risk of obseity and so forth.

    Happy little people with memories of the fields and friends.

    PS-Should have said, I am not a member of this group. I just think they are doing a good thing when I heard of it.
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  13. Meanwhile Bernie Grant thinks, "but I & I is gettin dem on de grass, what am de problem?"
  14. Out of interest, how many premier division footballers are from public schools?

    I'd guess that socialist Dave might be thrilled to discover that "disadvantaged working class lads" actually earn the overwhelming bulk of the money in sport...
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