David Cameron: My party was wrong over apartheid

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Taz_786, Aug 27, 2006.

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  1. This article has stirred up quite a stink

    I say well done to him!
  2. Out of interest, was anyone right about apartheid?
  3. Is this his personal view ?
    or is he speaking on behalf of the Conservative Party?

    And why now?

    It's a bit like the WWl pardons- some will agree with him and some not.
  4. Thatcher thought she was. Barclays bank thought they were - they've never apologised. Both acted out of pure greed and merely to keep the revenue streams flowing despite the obvious injustices.

    This Cameron's becoming more electable by the day in my opinion - but he still has a long way to go. He'll succeed in alienating all those extremists on the hard right who want Thatcherite policies back - they're a spent force though, which he's aware of. The fact he's up there in the polls indicates a huge and welcome shift in public opinion over matters like this. Maybe it's the youth vote that's keeping him popular - or even ex Labour voters (!). I suspect there'll be more examples of this sort of soul-searching. If he apologises for the haridan's destruction of mining towns and vast swathes of industry next, that'll be a good move.
  5. I've always voted Conservative and I'm no extremist but
    Cameron doesn't do it for me.

    I look at him and think of Blair some years ago.
    Out to win votes.

    He is a "marketed man" who's one purpose is to get his
    party back in power.

    Cameron is all fluffy and no substance.
  6. He has fallen into the trap by judging the past by todays standards.

    At the time it was felt that the only people to suffer under sanctions would be the poorest Africans in the country and that sanctions would not work as they never do ( Iraq for a recent example) so I think she was correct and he is wrong.
  7. Cameron must work on not being a Phoney Tony. We need a backbone in No10 and Cameron I hope is embracing the good parts of Thtcherism (and there are good few) and bringing his "caring, compassionate" bit to the table too. If he can juggle that dichotomy, then he will be a shoe in, as a good load of Labour voters are longing for a decent Tory Party.

  8. Archer, I agree with you on all your points except one; the last one.

    His one purpose is to get "Cameron" in power.
    He is a slimy spineless little shite who will do as much damage to our Country as little Mr Tony Bliar.

  9. I think Nelson Mandela had it pretty well sewn up.
  10. Then you have no concept of the issue or the history.

    UK/US support of the Apartheid regime was a Cold War calculation, nothing more. The sanctions argument was just post-hoc rationalisation.
  11. Duck,

    At the moment he has to fool/persuade the party in order achieve
    it but I fear that in time I shall be standing with you.

    Yours aye