David Cameron mislays daughter

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Chef, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. On the news this morning the PM left his 8 year old daughter behind in a pub for 15 minutes, child picked up parents upset, all ends well. This could happen to anybody, and does. It does, however, raise a point;

    If he has CP 24/7, don't they do a head count of his party? It doesn't say a lot for their abilities if they can lose a member from a small party in a presumably low key jaunt to the pub, and not tell anybody. Kidnap and a 15 minute headstart anybody?

    I may be doing the body guards a disservice, and posted here rather than the NAAFI to, hopefully, get some informed opinions from people who know more about the subject.
  2. If it happened in the US the USSS agent involved would probably spend the rest of his career chasing cheque forgers in Fargo North Dakota.

    These things do happen though. I recall on my side of the pond during the Clinton era, Clinton was on a whirlwind political trip with many stops and a staffer rushed a departure and they left without the officer who carries the Football. The officer was able to catch up at the airport by asking local PD to bring him.
  3. '.... I see you were attached to CP before being posted to community Policing here in Little Buggerall Happens Inspector Fumble...'
  4. I'd rather he'd lost Osborne. The cock.
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  5. Big society!
  6. I would imgaine to will boil down to something along the lines of, "I thought she was with you". " No, I thought she was with you".<cue keystone cops muisc>
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  7. Hope he's not thinking of going on holiday to Portugal some time in the near future.
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  8. He lost his mind a few years Back!
  9. To be fair they at least took the kids with them
  10. and if a member of Joe public had done this they would have child services all over them. Hmmm i think not for the PM??
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  11. Living in a first floor flat in Lippstadt, my wife, daughter and I sat down for lunch. Something was not quite right; son aged two was missing. Opening the door to the stairs, there he was, fast asleep on the bottom stair, clutching a beret. He had been 'knobbled' by subalterns! The ring-leader's name was on the clutched beret! It can happen to anyone.
  12. Just goes to prove he's another educated fuckwit idiot with delusions!
  13. No they wouldn't, don't over dramatise.
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  14. I doubt that he'll get an interview with Social Services without coffee tho'.
  15. My wife used to child mind about ten years ago and popped up the supermarket for a few bits. The deal was that I would look after the kids and when she rang me, I'd chuck em in the car and go and pick her up.

    So, the phone call came and I put the two children in the kiddy seats in the car and went to get her. Pulled up in the supermarket car park and she popped her head in the car, did a quick recce and said to me "where's Bo?"

    That was a swift ride home. I'd left him asleep upstairs in a cot. He was in a cot and safe but even so!

    Shit happens but when it's kids, it really shouldn't!
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