David Cameron is...


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Your views on the Posh boy who 77% of the Public Hate, and hasn't done a single positive contribution during his time in power.
Slowly clearing up the total disaster left behind by the last set of retards. No Labour government has ever left office with a lower rate of employment than it inherited.
He seemed well surprised to see Mr Andrew Murray on his doorstep today.

In reality, we had three to choose from, and I think he was the least bad. And despite Labour chucking out their incumbant and putting in a new man, DC still seems the least bad.
When Cameron was asked- after Andy Murray's Wimbledon triumph- if he was going to meet the new champion, Cameron said something like, 'I'm sure he'll be very busy.' I thought, 'You're the Prime Minister, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE REALLY BUSY (you chod)'.
It's something I've noticed before, an obviously faux modesty or self-deprecation which makes him look like a penis. He's the Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ffs, he's allowed to have a bit of swagger, not simpering like a star-struck schoolgirl.
David Cameron is... pretty typical of today's sort of politician.

As to who I'd rather have as PM, I'd go for Oliver Cromwell. Not without his faults but I do like his style.
In respect of Cameron I would invoke Oliver Cromwell and tell him, "you have sat there too long for any good that you do. In the name of God GO!"

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