David Cameron in Libya. Lockerbie...worth investigating still?

I saw on the le news last night D Cameron standing up at a press conference on Libyan soil saying that visas into Libya for investigation British police officers investigating the Lockerbie airliner bombing have been agreed with Libiyan officials.

Should we just let Lockerbie go now? I would imagine many victim's families would say 'no' understandably.
But it must mean great expense. It strains diplomatic ties when the situation with Israel is serious. Or does it? Does it give some leverage with Libya/Iran etc and show that we believe in fair play and justice. Does it give us a reason to have ties with Libya and Iran over a neutral subject and one which they cannot deny is fair that we investigate. Even Gaddafi made steps towards helping us but he probably gave us the wrong man.

There is a link with Iran over the affair. Complex. The bringing down by the US of Flight 655 to my mind makes the situation cloudy. They were also civilians and also just as dead. A retaliation by an 'arab' group for that incident seems more than just likely but inevitable. Especially given their weird customs on retaliation and revenge etc. Not saying they are justified but the picture is easy enough to read. Did the US do enough to force 655 down without firing?

My respect to the dead of course and their families. No offence to any parties involved. Just thinking as a citizen in a country with a very complex set of problems globally and limited resources. I am 50/50 on it.

So should it be left to lie? Effort put into commemoration and so on so the victims are respected. But so that efforts can be put into other more pressing global political crises? Does it merit the effort and possible rifts with Iran and Libya over it?
Spend the money that would otherwise be spent on yet another ****ing Bloody Sunday investigation on it.
Spend the money that would otherwise be spent on yet another ****ing Bloody Sunday investigation on it.
Be nice to see the lawyers giving up some of their fees for the victims.

I see many of these enquiries as just a means for Law Lords to 'ok' long and expensive trials where the outcome doesn't help much. The Sheffield football trail as well...the police then was different to today so it punishes the reputation and hard work that has been done. Of course there were mistakes. But it seems like officially slagging off German police in 2013 for what happened in the 1940s. (As fair to some as that may be.)
We have too many Law Lords agreeing to enquiries. I see it like having a parliament full of builders agreeing to have more extensions done on the Commons!

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