David Cameron declares Afghanistan experience a "success".

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bodie, Dec 21, 2012.

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  1. BBC News

    BBC News - Afghanistan: David Cameron praises UK troops success

    Apparently job done in Afghanistan. I beg to differ and declare it the biggest disaster since er... The last time we invaded the place. So apart from the PM, are there any other delusionists who concur with the party line?

    I think almost everybody recently serving can say they knew someone killed or badly injured and I just don't think it was worth it.
  2. Does that mean a victory parade down Whitehall then?
  3. I suppose it all depends on what the job actually was.

    If the aim was to use up the ammo stocks and give a somewhat moribund military some war fighting practice and experience then it can be seen as a rip roaring success.

    Anything else - not so much.
  4. A little hard to tell until after we have pulled out and the dust has settled...or risen again...
  5. agreed. you dont always get a grasp of the entire situation when you're shitting yourself in an irrigation ditch. that said from what i've read about the country at large, what our policies are likely to be post withdrawl as well as whats happening in the region i think the best we can hope for is the afghan gov to make a negotiated peace with the taliban, which personally i'd see as a failure and it would be a peace which i couldnt see lasting.

    we should just do one now and phos everything we cant carry as we leave.
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  6. To be honest, he's hardly likely to say;

    'The Afghan expedition, has, again, been an unmitigated disaster, and the Afghanis will be 'business as usual' before the last plane out's undercarriage has locked up.'

    More along the lines of;

    'The war in Afghanistan has not necessarily proceeded to our advantage.'
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  7. A strong argument for doing a runner - though the impact on our standing internationally, in NATO and with the US probably precludes this.
  8. Phos ? Phos ? so utterly lacking in ambition and style......You know the only way to be sure is to nuke from orbit

    A solution I'm increasingly thinking is the best option for very large chunks of the Middle East
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  9. lets not be too hasty; it paid for my wedding, bought a car, a 3wk holiday in bali/hong kong and cleared the overdraft (which like a cancer has slowly returned).
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  10. One of the difficult points is the news that we restore power, bridges, schools, markets, female welfare and introduce a society to what's possible away from their old lifes. Only to see it thrown back in our faces with IED, 400 plus deaths, bearded men still killing their daughters because of a misdemeanor, leaving a government of "stability" only to find them killing each other at the drop of a hat. I dont know if it was worth it and only time will tell. I'm a bit more optimistic than some and just pray that it will come good in the end. As I have said before we are working with a medieval society with 21st century hardware. It was never going to be easy.
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  11. i was a total pyro as a kid, so i like phos.
  12. After Iraq, Afganistan has just lowered the success bar a notch.
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  13. Most likely because an 'Afghani' is a form of currency. You should be talking about an 'Afghan'. I don't expect many people to know the difference, we have after all only been there since 2001.

    It's hard to take someone's analysis seriously when they don't know the difference between a form of currency and a nationality.
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  14. i'm pretty sure it was because we didnt have the SLR but thats by the by.

    what pisses me off is i dont think it was ever likely to succeed, we were never that interested or committed and when we did commit enough men (2009-2011) it was enough to actually hold the ground (but not enough to smash them) but for too limited a time, our enemies knew they could just wait us out.

    i hope i'm wrong but i cant see it working and if its not going to work i dont think we should waste another 2 years.
  15. True...it is pretty but it kinda lacks the complete and utter "F**k You" that a big blast says