David Cameron: Conservatives will not make swingeing cuts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Jan 31, 2010.

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  1. The more CallmeDave opens his gob, the more I think I'm going to vote UKIP.

    Labour are corrupt incompetents who have proved once and for all that they cannot run the country

    The Tories were getting my vote but as CallmeDave appears to be more like Tony "f*ckinguselessgutlessc*nt" Blair as the days go by, they can sod off.

    The Lib Dems are not having my vote because they're all w*nkers.

    That leaves UKIP and the BNP
  2. What about these chaps? http://www.natural-law-party.org.uk/
    Anyone for yogic flying?
  3. Cameron was on Beeb this morning and, despite a remarkable number of interruptions from the interviewer, made it very clear that cuts would begin, they would not be ill-considered or swingeing. His priority would be to avoid big increases to the interest rate and preserving recovery; whilst tackling deficit. He wasn't being drawn on detail because there was still at least one more Labour budget before the election.

    I wonder how bad the books will be by May?
  4. He's right in every way. The debt must be tackled and at the very least prevented from getting any worse, but the economy is far too fragile for swingeing cuts to be made. The main problem is, how much bigger is it going to be whilst Brown carries on spending like a drunken sailor. The more the Tories ask him to reign it in, the more he spends. It would seem that Brown is defeatist and is making quite a deliberate attempt to create a monster for Cameron and Co.
  5. Gosh, horror naughty Dave for saying such unpatriotic things, didn't know Labour could sink any lower but It appears they can. Firsty they put us in the shit, secondly they sunk the economy and thirdly I think its Mandy and Co who should shoulder the burden or irresponsibility and a total lack of Patriotism!!!

    Lord Mandelson said it was ''disgraceful'' the way the Conservative leadership had been talking about the economy.

    ''It is talking Britain down when David Cameron compares Britain ludicrously in everyone's eyes to Greece, and when George Osborne describes Britain as an exhausted runner at the back of a long marathon race unable to summon the strength to build our economy,'' he told The Politics show.

    ''That is disgraceful, it is irresponsible. It's also unpatriotic.''
  6. Mandy is quite right. If the situation were to be reversed, you guys would be all over Labour like a rash.

    The only bright spot in this, is that the more Dave opens his mouth, the more we can see that he's an empty shell.

    Incredibly, the Tories might yet throw this election away.
  7. The comparison to Greece was to show how much more a £150k mortgage would cost (£200 PCM) were interest rates to rise to Greek levels. Presumably chosen not to be unpatriotic per se, but to use a tangible, current example.

    Seems more useful than the busted claims that UK was firstly in better shape than most to avoid recession, and secondly that we were best placed for swiftest recovery. Can double dip be avoided?
  8. I actually find myself agreeing with Ashie re his last to some degree.

    Wouldn't there be an irony in the Lib Dems holding the balance of power?

    Sadly, our politicians of all persuassions seem unable to work even within their own party and in the interests of those they represent, let alone as part of a hung parliament.
  9. 0.1% is not much of a recovery. 0.9% or even 1 fucking whole % isn't much of a recovery, it's dire.
  10. I have to disagree on the first point Ashie. It needs to be established just how bad the economy is so that we all know exactly how we stand and what we face. It's called the truth, it's not big with any of the parties at the moment but if we can't even recognise where we are, how are we going to plot the route home?

    CMD is not what the Conservatives need right now. He's as empty as an estate agent. You know he'll big the property up and get you to part with a small fortune then you find the dry rot. If the Tories get rid of CMD and get in someone who doesn't look and act like a shallow spiv then they will get in on a landslide. With CMD at the helm it's too hard to call and CMD's only advantage is that he's not Brown.

  11. True, he isn't like Brown. He's like Blair.
  12. Not sure in this case that it would be a case of the Tories throwing the elction, but rather more a case of the voters not being willing or able to face the truth. State Spending has got wildly out of control and needs, to be brutal, shot dead.

    Yet, and this is my bugbear. No one seems prepared to explain why the State is having to face a debt of £215 Billion for £68 Billion worth of captial expenditure. To make that clearer, we have got a number of "things" built for us that are worth £68 Billion, to pay for them, it will cost the tax payer £215 Billion.

    And why can't someone explain to me how come a PFI project can collapse, and yet the Tax payer had to bail out the collapse, not the Private Investors ..? The collapse of Metronet cost the Taxpayer £2 Billion. Has any of that money been recovered from the people who were happy to make a profit but ran away the instant it went Pete Tong?
  13. I have a feeling that if Blair took charge of Labour again they'd do quite well in the GE. He seems to have an awful lot of people fooled, that one.