David Cameron Accused of U-turn over Military Covenant.



Today the BBC is reporting that David Cameron is about to double cross our Military and veterans community regarding the Military Covenant that he promised would happen.

Link ..... BBC News - David Cameron accused of U-turn over military covenant

My own personal thoughts are that we don't seem to have any bona fida MPs in our country any more, as they have all been replaced by educated thieves, liars and general con artists.
You are wrong there - In thinking that politicians were ever any different.

It does sicken me, tho, to remember how Camercon whinged on about the military covenant when he was in opposition, only to shaft the serving soldier in ways Labour never dreamed of. Yes, I know we have a deficit. we aren't the only country. But it's hardly, since bank mismanagement shafted the entire world economy. So it's rather crass to blame the last government for that. Yes, the budget needs balancing, but you can do that by raising tax, not by screwing up the nations defences.
Yeah yeah - the stock socialist solution, raise taxes. The bankers and super-rich continue to avoid paying it through further evasion (whoops sorry - I mean sensible tax management) and the massive welfare-dependant, socialist client state continue to contribute nothing whilst keeping state spending at the unsustainable level.

Personally I would slash spending on the NHS and welfare using half of saving to restore defence to pre-Blair war levels and the other half to reduce deficit. However such an approach would lead to such a hissy fit from little Nick that the Conservatives could not even think of it
Cameron has done so many u turns he must be getting dizzy, I relish the day they announce cuts in the old bills pay and watch their armed officers hand their guns in at Westminster, They'll crap blue lights and reverse the cuts in a flash.


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I raised the question in another thread that these policies are running through from Labour to Tory, no real difference. My suggestion therefore is that the lynch pin to all this is the Civil Service and that servicemen and women are being shafted by the CS with politicians as the face of policy which the CS hide behind.

On another tack - there has not been much seen or heard from our Defence Secretary since he was slapped down by DC last year. Do we still have one - if so does he have a spine left?

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