David Blunketts brain

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Fieryjack said:

what would you donate?
Jaqui Smith's brain. As a door stop.
Damn I'm going to be serious in this forum.

As I understand it the Alzheimer's Society are interested in folks eventually donating their brains as it will allow the 'scientists' to get a bit of study on the donor's lifestyle BEFORE they die. The article doesn't explain that dimension which is a pity as that's the point. So if you are 60 years + why not?

Oh yes, Mr Blunkett, he's been a good friend to the Alzheimer's Society and................ sorry...........what was the question again???


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Firstly, is Blunkett going to donate his brain anytime soon? That would be nice.

I'd donate my cheese.
At least they can re-calibrate their microscopes.

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