David Blunkett mauled by angry.....cow??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bigbird67, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. Blunkett mauling

    to be fair this line made I larf!!

    "I know the public are furious with politicians, but I didn't realise the anger has spread to Britain's cow population, too."
  2. Not Anne Widdecombe then? Shame
  3. that would be headlined as 'Angry Cow Bitch Fight' or something similar
  4. apologies, i searched for Blunkett but that one didn't come up
  5. His anger was expressed in no uncertain terms, 'Wot an 'Effer'

    Help me out out the sh1t it's really cold here, I'm Fresian.
  6. he never saw that coming!!!
  7. The first article I read mentioned that he was accompanied by his dog and I assumed that he had wandered into farm fields by mistake. The second article mentioned that he was accompanied by the dog and an adult son.

    WTF were they doing wandering through a field with livestock? The son should have seen the cattle. I just hope he does not sue the farmer for his son's mistake.
  8. A cow with calf is confronted by a Roy Orbison contestant from ' Who can you do?. He is wearing a dinner jacket and cordouroy trousers with a slipper and shoe adorning his feet.

    His dog, on lead, is in fact a table chair with a neck tie recklessly attached to it. The golf clubs in his shoulder bag consist of a quiver of arrows.
  9. ""She hit my side and broke my rib. Had her full weight of around a ton hit me, I'd have been a goner." :roll:

    Wow what a brave man you are, what do you want a bloody medal?!
  10. Kimberly Quinn has put on some weight then?
  11. People wander through fields with livestock in them every day. Rarely effects the livestock, rarely affects the walkers. The rare occasion it does affect either then things go downhill rapidly

    Cows attack man with dog
  12. i agree i walked through a field everyday for years with this cow in it with my german shepherd and dalm, fine for ages then one day its dripping from its arrse and charges the 3 of us, next day a calf was with her.

    The main reason cows flip is summat to do with thier minge (sound like another species not too far away :p )