David Blunkett fcuked by cow


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I've been practising my 'mooo' for months.

Next week, I'm going to stamp on Harriet Whoreperson's face, and she'll blame an out-of-control Lima!
Probably thought it was his guide dog and pulled the t!t instead of the lead. Oh I am so glad this country is led by baffoons
Where was his guide dog in all of this? I hope that golden bastard is pleased with himself.
Flashman07 said:
Where was his guide dog in all of this? I hope that golden bastard is pleased with himself.
Nice to see a Guide Dog with a sense of Humour,

Woof Woof Pull Pull, "Just Follow me sir, we're going to cross this field"

Woof Pull Woofity woof, "Its only a cow sir, they're very peaceful, just eat grass"

woof woof woof WOOF, "Just telling the cow to move out of the way"

Woof woof Pull pull pull pull, "Just stand there sir, I'll be back soon, 'kin 'ell!"

"He tried to protect Sadie, a black Labrador-cross, but in the melee fell to the ground and was trampled by the cow."

I'm left wondering how someone who is visually challenged would envisage he might protect his Guide Dog from something which (presumably) he couldn't even see in the first place? Did he perchance listen intently for the sound of galloping hooves on soft grass and throw himself in a brave, but ultimately futile, gesture in front of what he thought was the point of attack; only to land 10 feet away facing the wrong direction whilst the beast attempted to impall poor Sadie on a very sharp horn? :roll:

Maybe it was delayed protest over European Milk Quotas or atrocities carried out during the great BSE purges?

Makes a refreshing change from Expenses news I suppose (although the article even manages to refer to that too).
He's better off than Gordie Broon.

He's about to be fcuked by a whole herd!!
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