David Blane: Performance Artist?

I don't know why we're supposed to be interested in this dull gimmicky crap? OK, the endurance side is worthy of note, as he'll be standing for three days without a break etc, but the rest of it with the electricty, is bollocks.

He might as well be stood there with a dog on his head, it'll be equally as entertaining (read equally dreary). The other 'performances' he's done, have been so immersed in controversy regarding there legitimacy, that I'm surprised anyone bothers to bankroll his ego any longer

Total utter knob-cheese of the highest order (with Clasp and Oak leaf Clusters)
I preferred the last time he was in the UK in a plastic box in London where people threw food at the twat.


Best to ignore him. To paraphrase the great FU:

His greatest wish above all else is to be liked. An admirable trait in a spaniel, or a whore. But not i fear, in a man.

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