David Blaine

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by windrush, May 3, 2006.

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  1. The oxygen thieving illusionist/attention seeking bast*rd is back and I would just like to know that I am not alone in wanting to cut is oxygen supply off.

    Also I would just like to congratulate all those heroic Londoners who made it their mission to disrupt his London box attempt thingy a while back.

    Egg throwing is a chav thing to do but went directed at Blaine in a glass box it is inspired.
    Trying to climb up to his box just to call him a twat was also inspired.

    But the best effort by far was from that burger van man who managed to direct his burger fumes towards the starving Blaine. Exceptional behaviour.

    I only wish the yanks weren't such a simple race who love this kind of entertainment and actually went about to destroy David Blaine like us English.

    At least he won't be coming back to England!!
  2. What are you doing giving this twat space on here
  3. David Blaine is a prime example of the line-shooter. It does our proud nation credit that while the credulous celebrity-hungry yanks ogle his tiresome self-promotion, it became a standard end to a night out in London to go and call David Blaine a c unt. Makes one proud to be British.
  4. Doing nothing in a box for a couple of weeks is bugger all.

    Emile Heskey's done f all in the box for years
  5. You're kidding right? I have no opinion on Blaine, you're right, sitting in a box for umpteen days is dull, but to suggest that we as a nation are above such lame entertainment, coudnt be further from the truth.
    This country is largely populated by dullards who get their kicks watching other dullards kick their heels in either the "Big Brother" house, or some sanitised jungle camp. At least Blaine risks drowning in this latest stunt. What would be really entertaining would be to round up all the "BB" and "I'm a Z-list celeb, get me out of here" presenters and contestants, hold them all under water for nine minutes and see who survives. Double or quits!
  6. Even better, those aformentioned celebs are kept seperate and fed nothing but hatred and Stella for a fortnight. Then they are all released into a large arena (not unlike the Gladiators) where they must perform increasingly dangerous tasks to gain points. At the end of the tasks, the points are tallied up and the more points you have the better choice of weapons you are given, ie 10pts=Soup Ladle, 100pts=Broadsword, 1000pts=Company of Marines with roll mats.
    They then fight till only one is left.
    He/she then has the right to call themselves a celebrity
  7. So this time he's going to float about in a fishbowl for a couple of weeks sucking oxygen through a tube then try and hold his breath for 8 minutes+ while trying to gt out of restraints all underwater...
    Since its all a crock illusion why should anyone give a damn? and, more important, how the hell will he take a sh*t while floating about?.. He going to have someone clean the tank like a guppy/goldfish while he's bobbing for apples?

    Who pays him for this? stupid way to make a living if you ask me.. not like he's making the Statue of Liberty disappear, is it?
  8. He wont need to park his breakfast, he fasted and took laxatives for six days before going in. He can lag to his hearts content, as the water is filtered.
    I'd be incredibly surprised if it is an illusion, the sphere is subject to public scrutiny, and New Yoikers are a notoriously canny bunch. You might pull of a hoax in Mooseflange, Dakota, but I woudnt fancy your chances in NY, NY.
  9. So he's turning himself into a prune simply for the money, then?

    Kind of desparate, though.. I can't remember his last stunts generating anywhere the press coverage and media play of David Copperfield events, or even one of Dubya's routine Press conferences...