David Blaine has given up his controversial stunt.

He was told that 44 days doing nothing in a box is not going to break
the record which is currently held by Emile Heskey at 4 years.



I gather Sir Richard Branson is going to sponsor Emile - he feels that a striker who just cann't score is the ideal image for Virgin.
This news hasn't reached the north yet :roll:

Just driven home from Manchester and there was only mention of him being disturbed by people shining torches on him on the news on the radio at 22.00hrs.

I await the 6am news for this old news on my way back again :lol:


Don't know much aboput footie, but it still made me chortle. Apparently he thought that laser pens meant the snipers were after him-knob.
babiesarm said:
Think you should read the original message again Lifesaver.......

it is just a joke....
Ehhhhh???? well, 'twas lost on me after leaving home at 05.30 and getting home at 22.30 yesterday........................and again today! :)
Friends of mine spent a few days week swanning around London (you know who you are PP....) and the feed back wasnt overtly impressive about the idiot yank.Apart from a mandatory burger and chips whilst standing near to the idiot, they spoke to a few tramps who have taken refuge near to the site. The tramps said that "Blaine is a wimp because he is only going 44 days without food and drinking as much water as required whilst they have been living on a diet of cider and meths for years".

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