Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by babiesarm, Sep 11, 2003.

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  1. David Blaine has given up his controversial stunt.

    He was told that 44 days doing nothing in a box is not going to break
    the record which is currently held by Emile Heskey at 4 years.

  2. So cynical babiesarm..so cynical, but don't believe your wrong either
  3. You listen to Capital Radio to.
  4. I gather Sir Richard Branson is going to sponsor Emile - he feels that a striker who just cann't score is the ideal image for Virgin.
  5. This news hasn't reached the north yet :roll:

    Just driven home from Manchester and there was only mention of him being disturbed by people shining torches on him on the news on the radio at 22.00hrs.

    I await the 6am news for this old news on my way back again :lol:
  6. Think you should read the original message again Lifesaver.......

    it is just a joke....
  7. Don't know much aboput footie, but it still made me chortle. Apparently he thought that laser pens meant the snipers were after him-knob.
  8. As Avid Merrion would say when in the guise of David Blaine...........


    (Tried to find a photo of Merrion as Blaine but no luck)
  9. Ehhhhh???? well, 'twas lost on me after leaving home at 05.30 and getting home at 22.30 yesterday........................and again today! :)
  10. Some 40yr old bandit tried to cut the beggar down this morning, thing is he got caught and the Peelers have got him banged up in some London clink now for Criminal Damage.... he should've used an angle-grinder... a lot quicker and more effective as a RaBID (Rapid Blaine Injuring Device) :twisted:

    The full story can be viewed at....

    :arrow: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/tv_and_radio/3112430.stm
  11. Friends of mine spent a few days week swanning around London (you know who you are PP....) and the feed back wasnt overtly impressive about the idiot yank.Apart from a mandatory burger and chips whilst standing near to the idiot, they spoke to a few tramps who have taken refuge near to the site. The tramps said that "Blaine is a wimp because he is only going 44 days without food and drinking as much water as required whilst they have been living on a diet of cider and meths for years".