David Attenborough dies?

Why would the late Commandant General of the Corps want a bunch of pongo donkey wallopers carrying him out ? :scratch:

I had the pleasure of spending 2 weeks with King's Troop, a grand lot actually.

When I was there, 1998 - they were all convinced that the Queen Mum's slow gallop would be their last gig.
They are still in being.

But Phil has a long RN background, not least his time under AB Cunningham in the Med

' Philip was appointed as a midshipman in January 1940. He spent four months on the battleship HMS Ramillies, protecting convoys of the Australian Expeditionary Force in the Indian Ocean, followed by shorter postings on HMS Kent, on HMS Shropshire, and in Ceylon.[24] After the invasion of Greece by Italy in October 1940, he was transferred from the Indian Ocean to the battleship HMS Valiant in the Mediterranean Fleet.[25]

On 1 February 1941,[26] he was commissioned as a sub-lieutenant after a series of courses at Portsmouth, in which he gained the top grade in four out of five sections of the qualifying examination.[27] Among other engagements, he was involved in the battle of Crete, and was mentioned in dispatches for his service during the battle of Cape Matapan,[11] in which he controlled the battleship's searchlights. He was also awarded the Greek War Cross of Valour.[22] In June 1942, he was appointed to the V and W-class destroyer and flotilla leader HMS Wallace, which was involved in convoy escort tasks on the east coast of Britain, as well as the Allied invasion of Sicily.[28]

Promotion to lieutenant followed on 16 July 1942.[29] In October of the same year, he became first lieutenant of HMS Wallace, at 21 years old one of the youngest first lieutenants in the Royal Navy. During the invasion of Sicily, in July 1943, as second in command of Wallace, he saved his ship from a night bomber attack. He devised a plan to launch a raft with smoke floats that successfully distracted the bombers, allowing the ship to slip away unnoticed.[28] In 1944, he moved on to the new destroyer, HMS Whelp, where he saw service with the British Pacific Fleet in the 27th Destroyer Flotilla.[30][31] He was present in Tokyo Bay when the instrument of Japanese surrender was signed.'
He was Colonel Commandant, an honourary appointment, now held by Harry, not Commandant General, the actual head of the Royal Marines.


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He was Colonel Commandant, an honourary appointment, now held by Harry, not Commandant General, the actual head of the Royal Marines.
yes indeed, you are correct.

Never rely on memory - it is a false friend.
It's six years since I saw the plans and it looks like they've been changed.

No ceremony at Westminster but a funeral service at St George's.

So probably neither in that case!
Equally, one or so technical vantage points one of which is under heavy duty construction for a while to go.
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