Daves Insanity Private Reserve

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by wheelchairwarrier, Oct 4, 2009.

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  1. Like putting paint remover on your food, only tried it the once,and then binned it,and I like chillies, put some cherry chillies in with the cherry tomatos at a recent booze up,that went well ,only one person went blind
  2. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    I bought some chilli sauce in New Orleans from a shop specialising in these things.
    They had something like 200 varieties on the shelf.

    The one that I bought was called 'Die in Hell Osama' and it had a nice picture of the man himself on the bottle.

    In my opinion, it is more dangerous than Al-Qaeda and as toxic as Uranium 235.
  3. It is, as its name suggests, utterly insane! Makes the standard Insanity Sauce taste like ketchup. Like the chap in comment #5 of JC's article, I too have seen someone swig from a bottle of this, just a small swig at that, he was almost unconscious (no exaggeration there) within less than a minute.

    They are not joking with "one drop at a time". A couple of drops is all it takes to noticeably change the heat of even a huge pan of already spicy chilli. Good for forfeits in any drinking game though, and can be invisibly wiped round the rim of a glass for comedy spluttering action.
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  4. it also makes a real good antiperssonal weapon when mixed with water and put in a water pistol, burns like f*** when on the skin
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  5. Try here for hot sauces and it’s a lot cheaper. http://www.funkypepper.co.uk

    I have to say it is very hot and only the slightest residue on the tip of your tongue, will give you instant hiccups and a feeling of "WHY THE FUUCK DID I DO THAT AND HOW DO I NOW STOP THE BURNING"

    It must be added to food as stated on the bottle ,there is a lot hotter out there but IMHO Dave’s is just hot and has no real flavour where as some of the other slightly milder made from Dorset Naga's are much nicer as they have flavour and heat ,with a mid to long burn time .
  6. Shhhhh. :wink:
  7. I was thinking more along the toilet seat, or lacing the antiviral hand gel .

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  8. Try this - http://www.scorchio.co.uk/pain-sauce-p-433.html - it is exactly what the bottle says. HHHHOOOOOTTTTTTT !!!. It hurts but, if used in miniscule quantities, its good. You can buy it in London for about £5 including p & p.
  9. Brilliant, you sir are a true sadist,
    There used to be a Somali cafe in the old docks area of Cardiff, ( now posh and called Cardiff bay) well my mate lashed some Somali home made naphalm( chilli sauce) into my goat curry , made my nose bleed
  10. i agree with the above,
    the safety officer at work actually removed it from the tables
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  11. The Dave's stuff isn't bad. I couldn't comment on the Private Reserve one, but for a good run of the mill mental chilli, you can't go far wrong with Da Bomb Ground Zero. Enough kick to bleach the hairs in your nose, but a really nice flavour, too. Be warned, I got addicted to dipping my little finger in the botle for a quick dab and it burned through the skin. A teaspoon of Ground Zero to a kilo of mince it is a reasonable starting point*, and adjust up from there while you're cooking.

    * This will produce a chilli that normal people will probably find inedibly hot, but I think is "cheeky but flavourful"
  12. Daves is good for adding heat, but not flavour- I put a couple of drops in rib sauce and it is pretty good. I do like seeing my friends faces when they try some from the bottle on a spoon, it feels like you have had a thermal burn after wards .
  13. I wonder if it will work on cats??
  14. I prefer something with a bit of flavour. Nali or Bushman's Revenge does the trick.