Daves dumb social housing plan

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brighton hippy, Nov 20, 2010.

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  1. Daves big new plan to solve the housing crisis force anyone whos working out of council housing ?
    If they are earning above a certain level.
    So you've just told every new tenant of social housing get a job and wave goodbye to affordable secure housing and hello to expensive insecure private renting. thats an incentive if ever I saw one. not.
    It just smacks of stupidity way to solve the social housing problem is build a **** load more homes ever social or non social does'nt really matter ther is a shortage of all types of stock.
  2. Lee Jasper (remember him?) was living in a massively subsidised council house in Lambeth while he was on £117,000 a year working as Ken's diversity advisor at the GLA.

    Council tax payers, nearly all of whom earned less than Lee, were picking up 80% of the cost of Lee's house. Now Lee's unemployed, it'll be 100%. Like much of the welfare system, housing subsidies have turned into a form of feudalism funded by "Sheriff of Nottingham" taxes. People like Lee end up living in a manner they could never aspire too thanks to crippling taxes imposed on much poorer people.

    In addition, you've got single people occupying large properties that they moved into decades ago when they were married with kids. Tragic to have to boot them out but gov.uk quite happily does the same thing to service families every time a new posting comes along.
  3. Like it or not even with the "draconian" cuts the public spending for this year has increased because the interest on the debt dwarfs the cuts, why should the state provide your house?

    If you have to leave your council house you will have to buy or rent privately, which provides income for a lot of people.

    The problem is that people can't get mortgages, but since we own the banks the Tories need to start forcing them to lend.
  4. its to allow all the eastern Europeans nice houses, knowing them ******* rob for a living and pay no taxes, so wont get caught, and less security for British people. this has to be a vote winner with the eastern Europeans so now he just has to figure out how to sneak a few million more in so we can pay for them, and they can vote for him, lets face it, no one in their right mind will vote for them again at the next election
  5. I know someone who has lived with her mum and dad in a 3 bedroomed house for 50 years. Her dad died several years ago and she has just lost her mum. She has been given the secure tenancy which turns out to be not worth the paper its printed on because the Council are now going to boot her out into somewhere smaller and she has no choice. You can argue the toss about the house being too big for her needs all you want but the fact is for 50 years, its been her home. Half a century of living in a house and then being turned out of it isn't right at all.

    Now Cameron is turning the clock back 65 years and pushing responsibility over to private landlords to provide the mainstay of housing needs. If you stick your head out of the window, you can hear a squeaking sound. Thats the sound of them rubbing their hands together in anticipation of all the money coming their way. I think this policy is going to really come back and bite them on their tender bits and personally, I look forward to that.
  6. Most Eastern Europeans I know work for a living.
  7. 90% of people who could afford to move and buy would.
    but private renting is niether affordable or secure.
    brightons council housing rents actually subsidizes places up north
  8. Yes but other poor people have to manage, and then pay excessive taxes and energy bills for those who don't, we're all one pay cheque away from an empty stomach, people are going to have to grow the **** up and fend for themselves.Either that or we turn into zimbabwe.

    The gravy trains over, that much is obvious to anyone who's took the time to look at the numbers.
  9. As much as this may gall you it is the truth. It is not her house, nor was it her parents. It never was. It is the taxpayers house, and she has no legal right to it bar within the terms and conditions of the local social housing arragenemnts it was leased under. It would be like trying to claim ownership of a hire car simply because you signed on the line and kept up payments!!
  10. That'll be like the 400 or so east Europeans I work with...the ones that were asked to come here because the locals are too fecking idle to work, the ones that share a rented (private landlord) 3-bed semi between 2 or 3 families until they've saved enough from WORKING to move on, the ones that turn in at stupid o'clock for a 12 hour shift on minimum wage, the ones that pay income tax, VAT, NI contributions etc etc, the ones that work 6 days in every 7, the ones that are graduates but doing menial work because they have some pride?

    I'd welcome a few more like that, if only we could export some of our home-grown unemployables.
  11. It's not a hire purchase agreement. They were the legal tenants and it was their home. They never claimed that they owned it but they paid rent for it every week so that they could make it their home and after her parents died, so did she.
  12. The idea is dumb because it tells every council tenant make any effort at self improvement and we will punish you.
    Brilliant truly inspired.
  13. all the shop lifters around here are eastern EU you can sit in a pub here and your shopping will come to you.
  14. Of cause they are paying for my drugs, i have a NHS HC2 exemption Certificate
  15. All of the people kicking off on the Costa Brava after too many sangrias are British. What's your point? You don't like Eastern Europeans?

    Are you actually certain that they are all eastern Europeans? Are any of them black/gay/bi/latino/hetero/etc?

    You thick fcuk.