Dave1 - Moat Shooting Walt

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Buzz, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. There is no post 56 at this moment......

    Whoever posts on that thread next is already condemned to being a liar!
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  2. Fook me that was quick, I only reported the walt ten minutes ago.
  3. So you report a post, then put another thread up that is based on a post that has subsequently been deleted as a result of your report.

    Well done you.
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  4. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Meh. Get used to it. The people who knew him are buttoning it at the request of the family but expect shedloads of grandstanding tossers giving it "I knew him well". Some of them may have done. But if the family asks you to button it, best fucking button it.
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  5. Post 56 appears to be about some bloke who knew Gazza, is he the Walt?
  6. Oh don't worry I can rememeber what was said.

    Dave1 claimed that "his brothers friend" knows for a fact that PC Rathband was part of group of 3 rogue police officers who were beating all the local criminals up in gateshead police station. Despite custody suites and stations being CCTV'ed up the arse and the collusion of the entire station being needed to hide the systematic abuse of prisoners.

    He then went on to claim that all the local crims had a secret piss up at the pub near Gateshead police station to cheer about PC Rathband being shot, of course his "brothers friend" was privvy to all of this so he must be some very important person in the world of policing, in deep cover perhaps infiltrating the Gateshead underworld.

    I nominate Dave1 for the waltenkommando plastic victoria cross and ebay para wings.
  7. Who cares?
  8. Police beating up criminals good news
  9. Didn't the gunman once appear on an MPs expenses? Perhaps he was a hitman.
  10. Only, it wasn't Gateshead cop shop he mentioned was it? It was Byker. Facts are important if your trying to hound someone.
  11. Why let the facts get in the way
  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I cannot comment since this is a public access message board and I am a Captain of Industry with a position to maintain in this town. But me and my business associates go over to Gateshead every six months or so, and kick the fucking shit out of anything that does not run away. It is our civic duty.

    I wish I had known you could do it in a police cell. I'd have put on after-shave and my steely riggers.

    Fucks sakes. Whats next? PC Rathband pictured in Area 51? Aye, fill your fucking boots.
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  13. Very true Garrison Sergeant Major, Sir. :thumright:
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  14. How is, the burger stand these days?