Dave Rawlings RIP

Sad to report the passing of Major (Retd)Dave Rawlings Int Corps. A great bloke and skilled linguist.
Well known by many passing through Garats Hay.
I am keen to contact Jim Bone (also Ext Int Corps) to pass on this sad news if anyone knows his locn
grateful you PM me.
That's a damn shame. He a very nice man indeed and a fine teacher, linguist and leader. He was very good to a very young Glad back in the day. Condolences to the family and I'd be grateful for a PM with any details of arrangements.
Thanks to all for PMs. Funeral details are available through ICA or the BVA website - if you have no access to either, drop me a PM.

I shall be in Prague, but will raise a glass of Staropramen to him.
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