!!!Dave Pratt's Getting MARRIED!!!

Feeking 'ell.  First met Dave in Bad Lippspringer (spelt wrong) at the Para centre in '87.  Big bloke with big handle bar moustache, but a good bloke on the lash.  Next spotted at Oakington in '90.  Walked into his room on a Sunday evening to find him sprawled out on his pit, in his barber jacket, clothes and dessie wellies.  I woke him, and he immediately went looking under his bed, and pulled out a 2ltr, half empty bottle of warm best bitter !!   A few weeks later on the lash in Cambridge, he introduced me to vin-da-loo after a heavy night of cider and bitter !!!  Billy Galvin made him shave the handle bar tash off one night at a mess do.  Dave looked 10 years younger !!!  Another legend of the Corps.  Not many nowadays.
AArghh..Dave Pratt..does the poor lass understand what she is doing :eek:

Actually, a good lad, as stated one the Corps characters. Met him in Detters in the days of the real 9 Regt (Shiney Nine). Good dit on him though..

DP imported a Morris Countryman from the UK and had it BFG etc etc. Driving up to Minden one WE, pulls up at a set of TL. Indicates left to go to 664 Sqn..the Alte Wilhelm, in green and white Passat at said junction, jaws drop to see trafficators (for those to young to remember, these will be the little stalk orange lights housed in the side panels which passed as indicators) on said motor ???

Deciding that these must contravene every Tutonic Traffic Law since the Kaiser..blue light and nee naw him over. DP pulls out BFG Test and Light sticker, Albingia Green chit and the works. Cooly demonstrates L and R trafficators  8)

Not wanting to lose face and a 40DM on the spotter, the Polizei call in RMP. After they arrive, followed by much debate in words of single syllabi, the law collective could not think up an offence..DP was just about to walk when one of the local plods got excited and demanded to see the vehicles hazard lights (Ah ve haf got heem!)..DP calmly makes a switch on the dashboard and (having already thought of this and wired them up) the trafficators move in and out in sequence :p

DP drives off  8)

Good luck to a cold war warrior with GOSH and character..not many left!
Remember the Moggie well especially when myself and John Finch drove it all the way from Detters (654) to the Isle of Arran on leave. Got stopped by the police all the way for driving a car much older than ourselves!

Dave if your out there contact me through the AACA site I know JF would be interested in a stroll down memeory lane.

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