Dave Brubeck - Jazz Genius dies aged 91

TBH I thought he pegged it years ago.

Some of the best jazz tunes ever performed in my view. Many a mellow moment of contemplation to the classic melodies of Time Out


Pioneering jazz pianist and composer Dave Brubeck has died, aged 91.

The musician, whose recordings included Take Five and Blue Rondo a la Turk,
was once designated a "living legend" by the US Library of Congress.

BBC News - Dave Brubeck: Take Five jazz pianist dies
Went to see him live in the 60's,at what was the BBC TV Theatre,and is now the Shepherds Bush Empire,again.

He really was the 'dogs',Paul Desmond on the Sax,with Joe Morello on drums,best 3 hours I've ever spent listening!

They were filming an Old Grey Whistle Test Special,so we got most of 'Time Out' live,about 4 times,mega!
I have a Deep Purple album which has a few studio out-takes.

At one point the sound engineer tells the band to have a break "Take five..."

Cue Jon Lord playing Dave Brubeck's classic...


He first introduced me to Cross Over in my beatnick days a very long time ago.RIP Dave.



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Gets many a contemplative play chez nous, black mock turtle optional. A true legend who produced some amazing stuff. 'Unsquare Dance' is the one going round in my head now.


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Sad to hear that another of my entertainment idols has passed on. I first started listening to the mighty Brubeck way, way back, not long after a friend introduced me to Thelonius Monk. I know, the two styles were different, but it was the skill and superb ryjtmn that attracted me.
I remember finding a very good Brubeck LP ( for younger viewers, these were Long Playing Records. A record being a disc shaped object made from vinyl and having the ability to reproduce music - with warmth and obligatory static hiss- and play it back when a needle which was attached to a complicated electronic system was placed on it) in a small stall in an indoor market in Kuching. Long, long before that city became a tourist spot. And I took this, along with a Beatles album ( bizarreley, recorded in Mandarin) back to my luxury apartment in the upmarket resort of Balai Ringin. Of course, I had no means of playing either or any of the records I bought, apart from distinct lack of mains electricity, there was a major and distinct lack of record player.

Anyway, Dave Brubeck and his quartet became very much a part of my life from when I was around 14 until and including even now. Oh, that must be nearly..........10 years.
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