Dave and Nick renew their vows (God help us)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by slipperman, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. Anyone else just watch the latest love in? What a start to 2013, I feel enthused and re-assured that the country is in good hands up until the next General Election (not!). Talk about the bland leading the bland.
    I know Labour made a mess of things during their 13 years in power, but, really, is there no-one better to get a grip and pull us through? Where is the inspiration? Full tank of petrol my arse!
    At least the weather was shit and we were spared the sight of them in the Downing Street garden.
    I'll keep taking the tablets.
  2. I bet they had their fingers crossed!
  3. Would you rather Tony, Gordon, Alastair and Peter make a come back? Country is financially fecked thanks to them unlike us they need never worry about money again.
  4. I was watching a bit of the daily politics today and Harman was on with a few others laughing and joking merrily away.

    Do they really have no idea what they have done to this country or just dont give a shit?
  5. this is the bit that worries me as i dont think there is
  6. I didn't say that did I? It would be re-assuring to have a Politician (or two) emerge who inspires and enthuses the electorate, unlike the majority of the present bunch. I am most certainly not wishing a return to power of Labour, but suspect that may be the most likely outcome at the next Election, as "it is their turn" in our version of Democracy.
  7. I don't know about having 5 shits but I think you're correct speculating whether Ms Harperson gives a shit or not, I suspect she doesn't.
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  8. You may need to get your dose ratcheted up before the next election. Limp Dems and UKIP trying to big themselves up as king makers...... pass the bucket.
  9. I know. Nigel Farage? Oh dear. Mind you, at least you get the odd laugh listening to him, unlike Nick Clegg, who increasingly reminds me of a particularly boring Health and Safety Advisor.
  10. even a health an saftey advisor could entertain you with tales of people disemboweling themselves with a spoon and suchlike
  11. Thing was dave couldnt manage a workable majority against gordon I dont know anyone who is impressed with him or any of his mates.
    Most of the torys dont get it nobody is looking for clear blue water or communisim just competance:(

    Be depressed using the lords and the commons you could probably just about scrape together a barely competant team.
    But any one party not a hope.
    Half the problems need a long term apolitical approach yeah thats going to happen :(
  12. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Watching Dave and Nick facing each other across the TV screen they seemed to be thinking 'soon we will be able to be properly married'.