Daughter of New Zealand PM in bizarre erotic photoshoot posing with an octopus

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by radiorental, Aug 26, 2013.

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  1. 'Erotic'? 'Unremarkable Kiwi tart has ill-advised pics taken for no apparent purpose' might be a better description. Can't she confine this kind of thing to her Farcebook page like millions of others?
  2. Anyway, tentacles to her and her fucking squid. If her father can pose with one of these fuckers;


    without getting eaten by it, then I might take an interest. But he won't, so they can both go to buggery.
  3. Supposedly its art......

  4. Agreed.

    It would, however, be a lot more interesting and aesthetically pleasing if the the piccie showed a giant sushi monster ripping her box apart.

    Gash and ringpiece edited I am afraid. You'll have to buy the vid.

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  5. Grrr- you tease us but don't provide a link!!!
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  6. She's quite tidy. I imagine her dad will take it in his stride. John Key seems pretty well humoured.

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  7. Are you sure that's an octopus? She might just be having a heavy period.

  8. WTF!!!
  9. Octopus probably was happy, sniffed and thought he had found a big fish.
  10. Why pixilate her right nipple?
  11. Modesty?
  12. Japanese porn market. Pixels turn them on it seems.
  13. How uninteresting.
  14. I wrote a programme that removes the pixels, do you want to see it?

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