daughter Ming Monged

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cidersid, Oct 6, 2012.

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  1. The dog doesn't drink but I'm happy to bum any of her male friends, you can watch if you like.
  2. How many times were you just as shitfaced at her age you miserable sod?

    Come on, honestly?
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  3. Worst punishment of all. Remove mobile phone :p
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  4. Daughter. 15. Phone call from Police. Hospital A&E Dept. Alcoholic poisoning. Malibu :puker:

    Fortunately, she has learned from her mistake - Malibu-aroma vomit apparently causes a life-long aversion to the stuff. She now restricts herself to gin, vodka, beer, wine. Basically, anything that doesn't smell of coconuts.
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  5. In all honesty... 3123 is probably right.

    Punishing her to the point of her hating you, will only make her do it again out of spite. If you treat her more like an adult, then she might start acting like one..?

    Transactional Analysis is a wonderful tool.

    The plus side is that you can use this to your advantage... if you're old enough to get pissed, clearly you're old enough to start "insert chore here," aren't you my beloved daughter :jocolor:
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  6. Wot, like Jimmy Saville?

  7. The "Daddy Complex" is very real. And very fun. For a few sessions in the hopper at any rate.
  8. Strangely I think 3123 is correct. She will be feeling embarrassed enough at this turn of events and giving her a load of shit and a load of shit jobs is just going to make her hate you with venom. However, you obviously dont want to be too soft on her as she will think you are a pushover....so you may want to ground her (to coin a yankee doodle phrase) for a while.
  9. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Who says you can't combine both approaches? Take her the brufen and a bottle of Lucozade, chuckle at her in a way that says "I'm not going to go mad, you know you fucked up but I'm cool", then spend all morning whistling loudly, banging around, cooking things smelly and generally making the hangover unbearable.

    Giving the wife a loud and energetic morning hump would be particularly scarring for the girl. And your daughter.

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  10. I think you've got the right idea there. A couple of pics of her covered in chunder up on facetube will work wonders.
  11. Yep, I'm going with no actual punishment, just a "have you learnt something", brufen, orange juice/lucozade, but be noisy and cook smelly things.
  12. Just tell her to sober up quick, as there's a family piss up tonight... and she'd better be on form. Repeat process until she discovers God and becomes a nun.
  13. Yep, take her the water and paracetomol. Then be really noisy and make her the biggest greasy fuck off breakfast she will ever have seen, make sure the eggs are really snotty as well (just like cookhouse ones ;-) lol).
    That will learn her!
  14. I bet she got a right good fingerblasting from the lads down the park, probably got 'spocked' too.