Daughter Home Alone: Predator at Apartment

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Andy_S, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    Not sure if this is the right place on the forum to post this (is there a right place to solicit advice on these matters?), but here goes:

    We live in a seventh floor apartment in a city center block in Seoul, South Korea. The elevator comes up to the seventh floor, where there is our apartment, another apartment across a narrow lobby; and the stairwell. That's it.

    My daughter Hannah (12-years-old) was home alone after school this afternoon, when there came a knock on the door, which is metal and pretty sturdy, and which has a self-locking device.

    Before she opened the door or answered, she looked through the peephole: It was covered (probably with the hand of the guy outside).

    Again he knocked: She did not answer but turned on the TV to make a noise. When she looked through the peephole again, she could see a shirt button: Obviously he was standing directly in front of the door.

    The guy kept knocking, but did not speak, and Hannah did not challenge him verbally. She did open the door a crack (with the catch-lock still in place) and snatched a glimpse of a guy in dark clothes, with a baseball cap pulled down over his eyes and a surgical mask on his face. (The latter is quite common in Korea, but is also, of course, very handy for anyone who does not want to be IDed).

    Only when Hannah pretended (loudly) to call the police on the telephone did the guy disappear.

    This happened late this afternoon, and lasted around 30 minutes, by Hannah's reckoning. My wife will be making a report to apartment security tomorrow morning.

    Hannah did the right thing by keeping the door closed, but I have told her if this happens again, call the police for real.
    If, when she is doing that, he tries to break in, she can open the windows and shout for help, giving our apartment number - there are always people outside, down below.
    I have also told her not to leave even if you think he has gone - call the apartment security before you open the door.
    And the missus will walk Hannah to school for the rest of the week just in case.

    Very obviously, this guy was up to something: At best, he was a prospective burglar. At worst...well.

    Any comments or advice from anyone with police, security or other relevant experience would be appreciated.
  2. Sounds like you've got it well sewn up.

    Thankfully you've got a switched on daughter too.
  3. Yeah; dont be so paranoid. All thats has happened is a bloke has knocked a door. Would you be ringing the coppers if it had happened in the UK? Theres any number of legitimate explainations, including 12 year olds having fertile imaginations, delivery blokes not being the sharpest tools in the drawer and someone wanting to know if you know when dave-san accross the hall will be home.

    If youre that worried get a big **** off dog. Your kid can leg it while the two are deciding who gets to eat who
  4. Thank christ nothing happened to your daughter. She reacted well, considering her age. Well done her!

    Now you need to get her an SLR and teach her how to use it. The next time your man turns up, tell her to put ten rounds through the door. She can then peek through the holes she's made to make sure she got the twat.

    Of course, if he turns out to be a Korean Jehovah's Witness, there could be a few complications. :)

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  5. Why have you left a 12 year old home alone?
    I'm sure that's illegal in the UK! I think they have to be 14 before being left!
  6. Korean experience seems more relevant; discuss with some neighbours, to alert them and see whether they'd consider speaking to the local plods about it. Definitely he was up to some badness, CCTV door intercom thingy required methinks.

    Sundance. No kids?
  7. Agree with the cctv comment.
  8. I stand corrected sir!
    I still wouldn't leave a child of that age home alone though :)
  9. It's ok, they only went out for tapas.
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  10. Is the front door to the building not locked?
  11. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Hi Gerry and Kate.

    How's the holiday going?
  12. Unless you're the PM; then you can leave your 8 year old daughter in the pub...:wink:
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  13. Yes, if some guy was knocking on the door wearing a surgical mask and putting his hand over the peephole I would be calling the coppers, and then an ambulance after I had accidently hit him with the baseball bat I keep hung on the back of the door.
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  14. Bollocks.
  15. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    A man-eating dog would be ideal, but in a smallish apartment? Not really.

    Daughter was home alone after school for one hour. I was working (as usual), missus was also working (not so usual -she is a freelance and so is usually at home with the sprog).

    I'll look into installing CCTV, but it is a rental apartment.

    What worries me about this is:
    (1) I can't think of a single reason for this guy's presence and behaviour to be innocent; and
    (2) Why our gaff? Nothing much to steal. I worry as to whether he has been tracking Hannah, and observing our movements. Hopefully I am being paranoid, but...