Dating in the sixties

A first time date in the sixties was a bit different to what mostly goes on now. The goal was still the same, to get the legover, but the approach was opposed to "How about a shag". This is one such sixties first date.

The guy turns up at her house with a bunch of flowers for her mum and a box of chocolates for her. Her mum thanks him and tells him that her daughter is just finishing getting ready and won't be long and gets him a cup of tea. She asks what they'll be doing and he says. "I thought that we might go to the cinema and then have a meal." Mum says. "That sounds nice but I think our Maisie would rather be screwing." He chokes and splutters on his cuppa, but oblivious, she carries on. "Yes, our Maisie just loves to screw, she does it several times a week and she never misses having a screw on Saturdays, I've known her to be at it until two in the morning. By now, the guy has dropped all thoughts of the cinema and a meal and can't wait to get her knickers off. Maisie comes down the stairs, looking really tempting in a tight sweater and miniskirt and he grabs her hand and drags her off out, tossing her chocolates to mum on the way. Half an hour later, Maisie is back, hair in disarray, lipstick smeared, an earring and shoe missing and tights hanging down. She staggers through the door and screams. "It's twisting mother..twisting.. it's f****n'well twisting."
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