Dating an Eastern European

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Wetneck, Nov 21, 2017.

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  1. Wife is on a course Today so I'm at home and get to do the joy that is the school run.

    Currently sat here watching Two immaculately clad, very aesthetically pleasing, Eastern European women having a fight on the playground over a parking space.

    It seems that the majority of the Eastern European ladies around here are always well dressed, look like they've just come from a spa and seem like they'd know how to have a good time but I always get the impression that they are all,without exception, batshit crazy.

    They are always fighting or bitching about another on a level that makes the domestic ladies seem absolutely well behaved.
    They make up lies about other people and if you so much as look at em wrong they'll quite literally slash your tyres and set fire to your face.

    Can anyone who's been out with any confirm or deny my suspicions? Are there any sane ones out there or all they all like this and as high maintenance as hell?
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  2. Whist the young eastern European ladies are admittedly easy on the eye they also have a massive sense of entitlement.

    They're only just used to being able to purchase bread without being robbed or listen to music on something other than a Sony Walkman. Give them a half decent paying job and / or finances from their drug dealing spouses and they instantly become cunts.

    Obviously I'd still finger them until arthritis crippled me.

    I believe Kromeriz is currently humping an uglier type eastern European lady and he's fucking mental, never mind her.
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  3. They'd woo you, ferck you, marry you and leave with everything you have, even the house. Batshit crazy but pure genius when it comes to rules and regs and how to screw you over. Try a few of course but don't mention "Marriage" or you'll be screwed instead of them. :cool:

    Edit to insert naughty word.
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  4. NSP

    NSP LE

    I have it on good authority that domestic violence is endemic within the EE comunities, mainly men slapping their women about. However, it is not unreasonable to assume that the women can get rough with their men, too. It is further reasonable to assume that the same attitudes/aptitude for getting punchy should extend to same-sex encounters of an argumentative nature, too.

    The deranged, degenerate, psychotic, turps-fuelled cocksockets.
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  5. Five years of working with easterners ( Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians, Ukrainians and Russians) and 3 years living with one ( Slovak).
    Batshit crazy is an understatement.
    They're fiercely loyal to boyfriends/ husbands, but will happily flirt if you're a friend.
    But, the moment that boyfriend/ husband hits the bottle, he's out the door and on the street: these ladies take no shit.

    Generally pretty, well educated, but a bit lacking in common sense: my pet Slovak proudly announced she'd got a bargain, a wooden shelf for £3, and could I now fix it to the wall?
    Pointing out that we had no drill, nor masonry bits, nor rawlplugs, nor screws, nor screwdrivers, did no good.
    £50 quid later, she's happy with her shelf.
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  6. Know a bloke who married one. She initially tried getting him to move to Poland. She doesn't want to integrate and prefers socialising with family and other Poles. He doesn't get out much these days.
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  7. A friend of mine has three failed marriages to a Latvian , an Estonian & a Polish woman . All three were drop dead gorgeous .
    All three have bankrupted him to the point of homelessness .
    If you're going to marry one , put all your possessions into a trust she cannot get her hands , assuming that's even legal .
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  8. Speaking from experience the only way to date an Eastern European is by carbon-14.
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  9. I have met several of Kromeriz's squeezes, including the latest/last one, who IMHO wasn't bad. Unfortunately, her interest in Krom was largely financial i.e. she wanted, he paid... He saw sense in the end (about a month after I told him to ditch her).
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  10. When you say date are you sure you don't mean hire?
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  11. I know a bloke married to a Bulgarian.

    Mad as a hatter , refuses to work , has a boob job and Botox every year.

    Their house is black or white.

    Everything is either black or white.

    White marble floor, white walls , black sofas white throw cushions, , black table white plates , black clock, black bed covers. Her son had his birthday last week , she got black balloons for him and his present was wrapped in black paper.?

    Just going into the house makes my head spin.
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  12. Have a like for the word "Cocksockets"
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  13. I currently run a Shift of 75 bods. 95% of these are eastern European. 75% are female.
    Very easy on the eye to the point of occasional drooling.
    Their command of the English language can be amusing.

    One, knob thrappingly gorgeous girl with a particularly silky and sultry voice came up behind me and said "I am a dirty girl".
    Dear god! A better reaction than any small blue pill.
    I pause, turned around,boner magnifico and at full drool...................................

    ........only to find the self confessed sultry voiced "dirty girl" covered in beetroot from an exploding can.

    Really best not to hump them unless you are prepared for a lifetime of penury and mental inlaws.

    Failing that,learn to run away fast
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2017
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  14. Does he get IN much?
    Surely that is the attraction?
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  15. Head off. Count the rings. Safety first.
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