Dating a former SAS soldier?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by supergirl8888, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. I am American, and recently began dating a man who was in the British military. He told me that he is an ex SAS. I was not familiar with the SAS, so googled it and learned that a lot of people seem to claim to have been in the SAS when actually they were not. He now is an American citizen and works for an anti terrorist company. Seems pretty legit to me... but I also read that if they were truly ex SAS then they never speak of it.. even when out of the service. Thoughts?
  2. Thoughts?

    Whose sock puppet are you? Crap WAH whoever you are
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  3. Yes... I would like to hear your thoughts on my question.

    Thought... An idea or opinion produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mind
  4. Not even close 'Supergirl'. There is one word in your original post that completely gives the game away. Are you clever enough to spot what it is? Somehow I doubt it
  5. My game? Actually, I have no game. I have looked on the internet to try to figure this out with no luck. I came upon this site and just joined tonight - thought maybe people on here would have some insight that would help. Have absolutely no idea why this question would piss you off. I must be missing something.
  6. Clearly you are missing something 'love' - a brain perhaps?
  7. Did he have a house in Ireland which recently burned down?
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  8. i'm going for legit

    So 88 as you are shacked up with one of 'them' what unit was he prior to 'them'?
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  9. And you are missing any semblance of normalcy. Possibly a turn with an anger management counselor would be helpful for you. Just a thought. :)
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  10. Thoughts..... I did think of asking to see your tits but I'm over hairy moobs.

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  11. Bipolarzz.. I am not sure of the unit. I am truly non educated about the British military. He said that he would work for both the SAS and the navy counterpart. I am very interested in him, not because of the SAS - which I didn't even know about before meeting him - but because he is interesting, smart, and funny. I was just intrigued by all I had read and only questioned what he had told me at all because I read somewhere that even ex sas do not mention it.

    Thank you for your reply. :)
  12. Wetblobby... Just enough to increase your moobs a cup size.. no more, no less.
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  13. Joe - not that I am aware of.. but he recently divorced an Irish woman...hmmmm
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    Any walter mitty can join an anti-terrorist company - what does that entail in the US nowadays a store clerk reporting someone for paying with cash over a credit card?

    You have ben had love - in more ways than one it would transpire

    Better luck next time

    Bipolar 77
  15. Not this bloke?


    His name is J*m Sh*rtt.
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