Im starting my training 0n 10th march 08 at pirbright and just wondered if anyone can answer the following questions please do it would be a great help.

1- how long will my break be in the middle of phase 1 ?

2- how long break will I get in between phase 1 and phase 2 ?

3- how long break in middle of phase 2 ?

If thats 2 confusing can you tell me roughly when you think I will have completed my phase 2 training by. Its because Im gettin married and wanted to make sure Id be out of training.

Firstly what trade you going?

Break at Phase 1 is a long weekend, leave friday back by monday.

Depending on Phase 2 course starting dates you could get between a weekend and 3 weeks generally.

At phase 2 you can go home most weekends and usually get the public holidays, Easter Xmas , etc
Im going in2 light gun, royal artillery. Given my start date of 10th march 08 do you think I will be out of training by 1st oct 08 ?

Thanks for replyin bud

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