Dates for selection for Kosovo....?

Been asked if I'd like to go for this, but I doubt I'll make the list of 12 people in the troop out of the whole Brig.

Anyone have the dates for the selection weekend?

msr said:
bibo_boy said:
Cheers BW.....

Does no one know the Selection weekend dates for this ?
You really are a glutton for punishment, aren't you?
BB the amount of times youv'e tried to get on a tour I hope you get it mate. You seem desperate to get away. You didn't take a holiday in Portugal in May did you? Eiter that you you fcuking hate your family :wink:

Strangely, the wife is more behind me now than Iraq...

Also I thought that if I could go to Kosovo, my company would not be messed around i.e. on off on off......

P.S. I was in Gran Caneria in May......