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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by hopefulrecruit, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. Hi,
    I’m currently awaiting my selection date. RMP is my 1st choice. Well, only choice really. If I don’t get in I’ll just try again next year.
    Anyway. The sergeant at the careers office said that RMPs were full for the year and that I would have to wait till next year for a place. He said they would be taking more on in April (start of new financial year).
    Providing I pass selection, could I expect to start in April, or would it be much later. I can only lease my house for six months at a time, so I have to decide by the 17th of December if I’m going to stay till June, or move into somewhere I can rent month by month.

    I’d really appreciate any advice.
  2. With your choice being RMP, you must be prepared to wait for your start date. I start the 21st Jan, and have been waiting a considerable amount of time. I have heard some applicants having to wait nearly a year from passing selection to get a start date! I think is due to the small number of places available at each intake for RMP (correct me if I’m wrong).
  3. I passed selection in May 2007 to start basic in Jan, same date as chillpill, 2008.

    But I recently got taken into hospital for an operation - and whilst medicaly it's ok and I'll be up and running again in Feb(ish) the Staff Sgt at my ACIO told me it'd probably be September 2008 now before another RMP Phase One lot are started.

    Unless you're female? I think there are Female RMP starting in Feb?

    As far as I understand it - as not many people get through to RMP, they wait until enough for a phase 2 platoon are ready to start phase one before they finalise any dates.
  4. Im going for RMP and completed selection last month.
    The careers sgt initially told me my date was april but I have been brought forward to Feb 18th now. So you could suddenly be brought froward due to someone dropping out.
  5. It would be nice if I started in Feb. Problem is that Ive only just sent of my medical papers (signed by Doc). No history of health problems so it shouldnt get held up.

    I'm quite happy to wait. I have a good job so the longer I wait the more money I'll have and the fitter I'll be when I start. Still, it would be really nice to crack on.

    What sort of times did you get in your 1.5m?
    What GTI did you get?

    I got 72, but my fitness is not great. The Sergeant told me that getting my time down to 10.30 would pretty much secure a place, but after 6weeks of training I'm killing myself getting 11.30.
  6. My Medical history was clean, but it still took 3 months for the medical papers to get cleared!

    When you say GTI, I’m guessing you mean the BARB score? I was never told mine. I was just told that I scored high enough for RMP.

    I managed 8:20 on the run at selection, but like you said, you need to be around the 10 min mark. However, I believe if you put in 110% effort, you will pass regardless.
  7. 8.20!
    thats pretty quick.

    My main problem is finding somewhere to run.
    I live half way up a pretty big hill. There are no flat streches for miles around. I'm running up and down hill, but I dont know if thats helping with my time or not. It deff isnt helping me learn how to pace properly.
  8. When training, instead of running 1.5 miles, try and run 3 miles. So when you get to selection you will find it alot easier.

  9. You'll easily knock off that 1 minute before Feb if you train properly and don't overdo it, i.e. stop 'killing yourself'. You need to make sure that you're getting some quality rest as well. I suggest that (unless on of the PTI's on the site sees this and can offer some professional advice), that you perhaps pop into the Careers Office and ask them for some guidance as to how to get your time down sensibly. Don't just take off on your own and overdo it, as you'll end up injured and you'll delay your start date. Dependant upon where you live, you may wish to pop into the local Regular or TA unit and seek advice from the PTIs there. In the same vein though, don't just aim for 1030. You need to be aiming for inside 10. The farther inside that time you get the better for you but, do not be intimidated by the 'racing snakes' that are consistent sub 9mins men. Some people are built for running at that speed, the rest of the world isn't. It's not a race between you and them, it's a race between you and the clock. Trying to emulate the fast lads can see you injuring yourself.

    Remember that you will be doing a lot of phys when you are in training and the fitter you are when you start the better your body will cope with it, so you need to be training sensibly. Get some professional advice and direction....from an Army PTI preferably.
  10. Thanks for your advice.
    I think I'm training properly.

    in a week I do
    2xstrength training
    1x 2mile interval running (1min sprint, 1min jog)
    1x 5mile X-country
    1x1.5mile (best effort)

    so I only really go for it once a week.

    Once every 3-4weeks I do a 10mile walk/hack with 20kg.
  11. That's correct. My start date was supposed to be 25 Feb but it has now been brought forward to the 4 Feb.
  12. Are you going to Winchester Heva?
  13. I am indeed. What about you?
  14. Yeah, I'm there on the 21st Jan. See you there!