Dateline NBC how to catch a predator

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by London_native, Nov 3, 2010.

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  1. That show's a disgrace.

    You can't even groom 14 year olds anymore without some twat interfering.
  2. The firm* that provide the in-house CCTV coverage, the internet decoys, the actors/actresses (read "bait") for those dirtbags is headquartered less than twenty miles from where I live. As far as I know they receive no taxpayer funds which is a shame. More resources would equate to more stings and more arrests.

    I suggested on another forum this sort of thing ought to be tried in the UK, but the thunderous response was "ENTRAPMENT." Bollocks! No one is being forced to groom kiddies! Perhaps it's more than the Clown Prosecution Service can handle.

    *Perverted Justice, Inc.
  3. Has anyone seen the episode where a midget nonse rocks up at the house? fucking brilliant, it made me laugh so hard a bit of wee came out.
  4. Yeah i saw that, apparently the sick cnut raped his niece aswell. I wish when im going ITC Catterick these sick cnuts where used on the ranges!!!
  5. I'm really suprised this is a real TV programme that actually puts people in front of courts I always assumed rules about evidece etc were quite precise to stop entrapment.
    may the nonces can't afford decent lawyers?
  6. I think entrapment is perfectly OK in US law, hence loads of FBI 'stings' etc.

    Might be wrong, but I also think there is a legal thing here about not being convicted for attempting to commit an offence it was, in fact, impossible for you to commit.

    I believe the laws re computer grooming etc have had to be specifically framed in a way that allows cops to go online and pose as potential victims and then prosecute the would-be offenders.

    Hopefully someone will be along in a minute who knows the real griff.
  7. Think my favourite nonce was the Arab guy where when he's caught out by Hansen he comes out with with an excuse that he was just driving by and the blonde girl waves him in to the house and Hansen goes along with it as in

    " Wow you're just driving along and this pretty blonde girl says come in . Wow that explains everything . She just waved at you , you're a lucky guy , what a coincidence "

    It's the first one in the Flagler Beach part one edition . Classic black comedy

    Most pathetic though intricate excuse was this guy . You can watch the full unedited interview here

    YouTube - To Catch a Predator: Riverside(Jean Pierre Wehry pt 1)

    " oh I got a phone call for a job and obviously someone set me up to get me in to trouble etc "


    The guy was a convicted sex offender who under California law got 25 years to life under the 3 strikes rule
  8. The courts have held it is not entrapment but the defence has a monumental battle to plead non guilty in the face of the video tapes.

    Law enforcement and the production company work side by side and have been fully trained by prosecutors as to what they can and cannot do and say. In effect, they are doling out the rope and the filth are hanging themselves with it (in a figurative sense). However, in one well publicised case, a politician got caught up in this. When the uniforms went to his home to arrest him, he shot himself. Too bad, so sad. I never did understand why they didn't hot bust him at the scene.

    Kerb crawlers here can be done for agreeing to a specific act for a specific price. The state Attorney General feels it's a unique use of contract law . . . and it works.