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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sebcoe, Jan 31, 2012.

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  1. I know most arrsers trawl the grotty dating sites and there are some absolute fuuking horrors out there.

    I will start with Gena from Cleveland, she was my Avatar for a while, have you shagged worse?

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  2. We done this theme a few times over the years looks like your too late
  3. Yes we ve all commented on them but lets have a "Top Trumps" of these truely grusome wimmin!!
  4. Feck off Staffs... its dating site top trumps, not how ugly is my missus trumps
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  5. I see your Ladly from stoke and raise Jayne from Avon!

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  6. How about this horror - not doing mature dating any favours - the last one was the old bird with a face the size and colour of a spacehopper

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  7. I see that fukking horror & had worse, I raise you Sall27 from fancy some!!

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  8. Those cankles are making me feel quite queasy
  9. I raise you the gorgeous pouting Maxine from Scunthorpe (natch)

    IIRC her tag line was "I can make you very happy DARK, SMOOTH, MUSCLE MAN"

    Well I hope he's got a lot more fuckin muscles than I have, he'll need them

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  10. That is truley vile.....(I ve shagged worse) I raise you Joanna from london

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  11. Ive fucked much worse than that.

    Are you telling me you wouldnt? Youre well gay.

  12. Nice try but she's up against some stiff opposition from some true horrors.
  13. Jennyetta from London would be a clear head to head champion so far, who wants some "up shots" of Jennyetta

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  14. Why does she need to advertise her size on the outside of her dress?
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