Date required on AOSB CV form?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Benno1, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. My OTC adjutant has asked me what dates I have applied for to AOSB. I have completed the long CV application form, but I didn't see any section asking for a date. I'm not sure what to tell him, aside from "as soon as possible".

    Also, what do I do about the medical? Do I need to visit my GP and ask them to send an army medical form to Westbury?

  2. That's because there isn't one. Once your paperwork has been received and processed you'll be contacted by email, given a list of available dates and asked to select two. As for the medical forms, yours won't be the first your GP has handled - he or she will know what to do with it.
  3. OK.
    I'll visit my medical practice and ask them to do me an army medical form then. Thank you.
  4. You may want to double check your paperwork, you should've been sent the medical form along with your AOSB CV.
  5. Really? My OTC unit told me nothing about that. The adjutant just stressed that I should complete the form, giving no extra details.
  6. I don't know why I wouldn't be provided with the required medical form along with my CV. I'll have to get hold of one through the OTC then.
  7. I had my aca interview last week, afterwards I was given the cv to fill out and a long medical form which I was instructed to take to my GP (there's also a bit where then can get £65 off the mod for their time). I'm Aiming to get to the breifing at the end of feb my aca said that it all depends on how long your paperwork takes to complete, send and get processed my GP is yet to contact me about my medical forms but once he's done i send it all to westbury and hopefully get a spot at the end of feb.

    So you should have been given all the relevant forms at your Aca int.
  8. Different ACAs have different polocies. I had to have a medical before my interview with my ACA. At Main Board I believe you have a Medical there too, so may be a case of if you're fit enough to be in the OTC, then fit enough for Briefing.
  9. Well they must have got my medical form somehow, since I have been invited to a Briefing. Probably through my UOTC.

    -Question about travel. I can drive there, where do they ask me to park?
    -They asked me to complete the attendance form typed. But I have to sign it; is it acceptable to just type my name where it says 'Signed'?

    Now I also had asthma when I was younger. I've looked this up and yes it has been more than 4 years. At what point do I mention this and what effect/how long will it delay my application?
  10. TMo

    TMo Swinger

    1. The Guard at the gate will tell you where to park. Westbury isn't huge, you park just round the corner from the entrance.
    2. Yes, that is acceptable as a signature (well, I've done it a number of times)
    3. Mention it when they bring it up themselves, but make sure you have the relevant paperwork to back up the claim that you have been symptom free for more than 4 years.

    Good luck.