Date of pay

Can someone tell me when pay day is for us TA guys? Before i get slated, its not for the money but i need my travel expenses so i can actually get to my unit!

1st of the month on the assumption that the claim/JPA entry was made before the 20th of the previous month - for MTDs and Home to Duty travel.

So, any trg between about the 20th of one month through to about the 20th of the next will be paid (assuming efficient pay staff) on the 1st of the next month.

e.g. attend W/E on say 24/25th July, claimed by the 20th August, paid on the 1st September.

For ad hoc travel claims, these can be entered onto JPA at any time and can be paid as quickly as a couple of days - again depends on how you make your claim (personally or through the pay team).

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