Date of award of medals

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by wellyhead, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. Question, what is the date of a medal award ? Is it the day you qualified for the award or when they issue the shiny bit of tin?

    Before you say check your records, this is for my records (adding into JPA) its all to do with Reg service, 6 yr holiday, back in green. I know it should be in my red book but that's arrse as it has all sorts missing including tours (has me spending 2 yrs in Germany FFS)

    Now I can give the answer roughly for 2 of my gongs as they already existed when I went on the tour, however the Gulf Medal is a bit different as I qualified in 90 but they didn't get issued till 93 (after design and cast) plus I didn't get it straight away but later

    Anyone got any idea ?
  2. In the case of gallentry awards the date is issue is as published by the London Gazette.

    Other medals, do not have a date of issue as such, unless you want to consider when the medal office stuck them in the post to wherever they happend to be going to.

    Campaign medals could be counted from when you qualified for them, which as you described means nothing about when you might receive them. How about when you are presented them? Then again I was nopt presented mine. They were just laid out on a 6 foot table. A case of find your medal and sign for it on the nominal role. They were available all week so it is just chance which day someone got theirs.

    So this is not really much help as they do not have an award date. What is it you are trying to prove that needs such an exact date for minor medals?
  3. On my JPA record the dates are all over the place (15 Jan 91 for Granby!!!). I would go with the rough date you qualified (i.e. ballpark 1 month after arriving in Theatre). It's not going to affect anything greatly.
  4. I agree with this, its the date you qualified for it.
  5. I agree with Filbert above. not uncommon to see people in No1 or 2 uniform with a piece of blank ribon next to their court mounted medals indicating entitlement to the award but not yet issued with the medal itself
  6. Cheers, I thought it was something like that

    I'm a re-enlistment (albeit TA) after extended "leave" of sorts. Things like this aren't on JPA for me, so I have been asked by the clerk. Scary thing is though, I'm half tempted to add a few extra bits of shiny to see if I would get away with it " oh yes a MM in NI and a DCM in the gulf don't you know" as they haven't asked for dates of tour or even proof !!!!!

    I've never been presented any either, my NI was given to me in a box in bits by the clerk, my Gulf was posted to me and Bosnia was given to me by the Adj of the Regt I was attached to on my post tour interview.
  7. Your red book will have your previous tour dates in it. Your entitlement to the various medals can be drawn from that. I think mine also stated what medals I am entitled to as well. So use that.

    Anyhow, if I was you I would just wear what you have been given. Who is going to ask, if they do show them the old discharge papers and tell them to sort JPA out themselves if they have a problem with it. It is not as if anyone in the forces is not aware that there are serious problems with JPA and the information held on it.

    It is not your fault that JPA (as I am told) is so rubbish.