Date from which the QDJM can be worn on miniatures

Discussion in 'Medals' started by skypilotuk, Jan 30, 2012.

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  1. Gents,

    Apologies if this is a bone question, but can anyone qualify the information on the label attached to the QDJM envelope stating that it cannot be worn before 7 Feb 12?
  2. Maybe I'm missing the point but it sounds very self-explanatory.
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  3. I am not sure... it probably means that the medal can not be worn before the 7 feb 12... you know, seeing as the qualifying date is 'in service' on the 6th feb, and if you have the medal NOW then you have been issued it before the qualifying date of 6 feb 2012... so you shouldn't wear it before that date.
  4. Miniatures and ribbon, 7 Feb.
    Full size medal 6 June.

    As it says in the DCI and numerous threads on here.

    Let the abuse commence.
  5. 2011din09-12
  6. So god forbid what happens if the queen has an accident and snuffs it before the 6 June, sorry guys those lovely minatures you bought and paid 50 sobs to get mounted get them off.........
  7. Why? Only as many days as listed below to go.
  8. 2011din09-12​

  9. I didn't have access to the DIN and just wanted to check that the informationon the label from the supplier was correct.

    Thank you for the replies - even the one intimating I should accept the bleeding obvious!
  10. Yeah, but you have access to the search function!
  11. Just a devils advocate ;) although I will receive it and have mine on order, I haven't bothered to read the DIN..... There seems too many people on here that is getting very excited about it, must have a small rack :)
  12. Access to the www but no access to armynet. Are you sure your entitled at all ?
  13. In fairness, where I am at the moment, there are very very few terminals with proper dii access, with some dedicated JPA terminals scattered around, so it's a distinct possibility that he has.
  14. You don't need DII access, and by the fact that he posted he must have acces to the www :)
  15. It's what you do with it that counts ;)
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