Date for a xmas ball available!!

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by hepburn85, Oct 27, 2008.

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  1. Looking for a nice military gentleman- ex RSM daughter, fed up with civvys!! lol
  2. Waht's wrong with civvies? And how did you become an ex-daughter?
  3. ex rsms dorta - there the worst

    my 1st wife was one - fort that she had daddy's rank - v embarrasing at times
  4. father left army 6 years ago so ex-RSM

    I dont have 'daddys' rank and too quiet to be embarassing
  5. a quiet female - promising if a little suprising lol
  6. Yes ok maybe not totally quiet but know when to speak and when to just look pretty! lol
  7. sorry my photo waiting for approval- all very complicated on here!!
  8. Do you know how to look naked and dirty and on celluloide?
  9. quiet - important

    when to speak - jus keep quiet be on safe side

    look pretty - need proof lol
  10. I'm afraid that given the population hereabouts you may've dropped something of a clanger by posting here!

    EDIT: Try dropping msr a note :)
  11. think we need a test for her - a scenerio to test her abilities - gents over to you lol
  12. ok seriously struggling with posting a photo!! I am actually a brunette but feeling rather blonde at the minute! lol

    Yes I have two brothers - why?

    Bring on the test sarge!!
  13. hep i need to fink bout dis one - it a huge responsibility lol
  14. Check your PMs
  15. Are you going through a 'Black Urban Yoof' phase, or are you just trying to wind people up?