Date for a xmas ball available!!

hepburn85 said:
Looking for a nice military gentleman- ex RSM daughter, fed up with civvys!! lol
I'm afraid that given the population hereabouts you may've dropped something of a clanger by posting here!

EDIT: Try dropping msr a note :)
ok seriously struggling with posting a photo!! I am actually a brunette but feeling rather blonde at the minute! lol

Yes I have two brothers - why?

Bring on the test sarge!!
Markintime said:
Sarge_Knows_Best said:
ex rsms dorta - there the worst

my 1st wife was one - fort that she had daddy's rank - v embarrasing at times
Bloody hell, my ex-wife was an RSMs daughter and she lives in Derbyshire!

My wife is an RSM's daughter (when I met her) no probs here!

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