Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by goldwingtaffy, Dec 19, 2005.

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  1. Hi Folks, Anyone help on this one.

    I am in the planning stages ofa UK wide sponsored walk in aid of Combat Stress. i am going to be walking around the UK in 2007 visiting every mil base that I can.

    Part of the planning phase is collating database of UK mil bases. MOD Defence Estates has helped with a huge spreadsheet of MOD land sites. (Approx 4000)

    Does anyone know how I can obtain bases adress details or some form of database with British Mil Units with addresses. I've already got a sticky on "Charites & Welfare" board to highlight my 15,000 (Approx) mile sponsored walk.

  2. Taffy,

    Defence Estates are pretty much the best point of contact for various military bases. I would suggest that you ring the Media Ops people at the various UK divisions and get their maps. They could also be quite useful for adding some media weight to what you're proposing to do. As for the RAF, you could ring HQ Strike Command (near High Wycombe), and ask for their central media chap/chapess, who could in turn put you in the right direction. As for the Navy, they've only got about 3 bases so that's pretty easy (Joke).

    Good luck, if I can be of anymore assistance, please PM me. Can't do a lot as am at the College of Knowledge in Wiltshire, but may know someone who can.
  3. Hi Spanner,

    Many thanks for the support and advice. Will follow up on yr suggestions after Xmas break. Brain needs little rest over holiday period. (More like a pickling for the period.)

    Speak soon

  4. There is an annex in the MOD phone-book which has all of the addresses of every service establishment...
  5. Taffy,

    there is actually a department who lists (would you believe) all units in the army, some lists used to become classified for many reasons. I wont venture the name of the department as my theory that the only growth industries in the MOD over the last 40 years have been signwriters and accountants! However, the Divisional superclerk should put you on the right path, used to be given to all departments in SEDIST etc.

    good luck
  6. Get onto DII and contact the ROSS query guys at Larkhill (Part of Army Command Systems I believe). the article you want is the ROSS database