Database: Incoming on Your Mobile - Soon



"A company will begin offering a directory service from next week that allows people to find the mobile phone numbers of people they don't know."

The Mobile directory probably also online will cost £1 and use databases of numbers it said are "freely available for purchase and in the public domain." Cheeky barstewards.

Anyone searching for a number can type the name and location of the person . It claims to have some xxmillion numbers in its database. So, with all the Googles, maps, photos, cameras, online directories, and now mobile numbers available, who still says Guv is the biggest threat to privacy :? Balls, it's the feckin private companies :x

A new chuckaway SIM for me then :D Feck 'em.

And, it looks like folks entering names, addresses and postcodes into the Online Database will be feeding this thing. Course, it's all above board and the company will be acting responsibly. Thanks :roll:
It would be interesting what it would show for me. I've a UK mobile and live in Germany :wink:
According to the papers - the caller has to call you through an operator who has to ask your permission to connect the caller.

My idea; accept the connection, when the caller speaks either hang up or tell them they have the wrong number, just a bit of fun to cause chaos and annoy caller and the directory company.


Now that one's "Sweeeeet " :twisted: Sure we can all be equally as devious, with a few twists ?
To Opt-Out you need to Text: E to 118 800 and they'll take you off the list and make you ex directory. Which is kind, seeing as the cnuts are just taking liberties by using your number to make money without asking your permission anyway.
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