database error

Did the same to me again earlier today. reported Database Error?

Tried logging out, closing IE and even ran Ccleaner but it still happens at random times mainly when posting a new topic?

However the topic does eventually appear at random later??
Yep, I'm having the same problem when trying to post a new topic. Have tried all the advice above and no change.

The Database Error also occasionally occurs when i am trying to post a reply in a thread.
Getting assorted errors ...

multiple inputs [triple posting most common, noticed in several areas]

error messages [not written down]

It's not well, you know.
Working in an IT background I can confirm it is an SQL issue and the only way to deal with it is to shave your balls and paint them blue
Still happening.

Jobsworth, I'm tempted, will you promise it'll work???
Roger all. I'll try running maintenance scripts on the database and we'll see if that helps. Now now though or it will stop dead for ages - early hours tomorrow.
Cheers Boss :D
I've done that. Any repeats of this problem here please with a link to the thread if possible.
Related to wierf characters I think; eg. this will cause an error: längste

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