Database Administrators (DBA)

Could anybody throw some light on the DBA role which is open to All Arms but administered by the Royal Signals?

Can't throw a great deal of light on subject but give it my best shot..

With digitization we need a raft of DBAs.
RSS trained about 30 2 years ago, but with no role at the time these 30 soon became 2.  Applications such as GP3 & AP3 (DS1) and the core BISAs (DS2) all need DBAs without them effectively the IS side of digitization doesn't work.

If your thinking about it give soldier recruiting a ring on Blandford 2132 they should be able to throw some light on the terms and conditions etc for all arms and their management.
A bit of care is needed here. There are actually 2 types of admin needed. Database Administrators (DBAs) and Application Managers (dunno what that's abbreviated to). The problem is that the high_priced_help and others who should know better talk about DBAs when they mean either or both (a bit like talking about tanks when you mean SP Guns).

DBAs look after the inner workings of the database management software (usually Oracle), which underlies various applications. This is dead techy but will result in formal quals, which make you in demand almost everywhere.

The other lot are Application Managers and look after the running of the application software sitting on top of the database. This is less technical but far more interesting (in my view) and gives much more involvement in what the system you’re working with is being used for.

To run something like GP3, far more application managers than DBAs are needed. My guess (based on a bit of experience) is a factor approaching ten to 1. At least one  application manager is needed at every site where the software is running whereas a single DBA can look after a number of sites. If you want to know more about the career management aspects, phoning Blandford (as Bow_Man suggested) is a good idea or drop me a line & I’ll point you at someone who can tell you more about the job itself. .
If you want the up to date low down on what a DBA does now a days I would try and speak to some one in ATacCS SST at SOinC building in Blanford.

In the early days the concept was for 2 Application Manager(AM) and 4/6 DBA's per Div, 1 AM and 2 DBA per Bde. ARRC had a special case 'cos its huge but in general if you go DBA you will be at a Div or Bde. I can't really speak about the job as they never really did it 'cos the system, GP3/ACSAS never really worked.

Unless things have improved a hell of a lot from 2 years ago I wouldn't advocate the DBA job to anyone, unless its the only way you can convert to IS Op which, I believe, gives you a much more rounded set of IS skills. Although thats questionable.

If you want I may be able to get you a contact tel no for a fairly independant view point.   ;D
Thanks for all of the replies.  Here is the DS answer from people on the course.   12 SNCOs from around the army are undergoing DBA training.  They come from all capbadges but must have worked in IS/IT.  The course is networking, TCP/IP, Xchange and lots of database training which includes ORACLE taught by the ORACLE Corporation.  On completion of the course they are posted to Bruggen and can (if they wish) transfer to R Sigs as an IS Op.  Now before all of you IS Ops get upset, they will be employed to look after the ORACLE servers/DBs (IS Op is the only trade close to what they do).  

More interestingly, many are at their 20 year point so the army is sure to get its money out of them, the course that was run before was mostly 12 yr/Sgt types who promptly got out and got themselves a real job!

Why they selected people from outside the Sigs is apparently due to undermanning in the Royal Signals.

Hope this is of help.
And don't forget as soon as they finish the training the job will disappear.

as if by magic


No more GP3


The 11 DBA remaining at 16 are DBA in name only. Better title would be GP3 App Ops. As for the 18 GP3 App Ops at 16, the would be better called something else. Anyone got any ideas?
The 11 remaining DbAs in Bruggen (soon to be ten I hear) are doing a sterling job.  Although some confusion/hostility reigns compounded by Staff Officers who do not understand what the individuals can and are employed to do.  Partly because of the Royal Signals recruiting for IS Op & Supervisor IS and muddying the water so to speak  :-/, and partly because the AppOps want to do the more interesting job of DbA themselves ;-).  
IMHO App Ops should consolidate what they learned on the front end of GP3 and stay well clear of the servers so that the DbAs can consolidate their own training.  A huge period of learning for all involved, well worth doing if you are thinking of it.  The course is the best you will ever attend!  and as for the pay....well.....loads a money.  By the way what happened to the 12h DbA?  8)
so would this not be a IS Op Supp job?
am i just getting confused about what these trades do?
If these DBAs are so good, then how come they are being led by 2 REME guys????
Do they have a leader  ???, more like nomads wandering around in the dark looking for things to do.  The REME have the top jobs along with the Dental bloke to keep them off the kit and behind the desk; best place for them says I. ;)
I may be wrong but if WO1s in the Royal Signals were paid high band pay then the REME DbA and App Op would probably rebadge to the Jimmy, but as it is there is nothing to gain by such a move for those guys.  Much to the frustration of R Sigs MCM Div  ;D
Rumour has it that the 2 REME guys were given the job because it was a way of putting them somewhere where their mess-ups wouldn't damage their own corps' reputation. :-[
One should tar both of them with the same brush....The Greek Cyp cant help it if he suffers from RMT (Reverse Midas Touch)...but he makes up for it being an all round good egg. The other is living proof the cousins should not be allowed to breed.  ;)
Certainly ugly enough to get automatic 'Banjo Playing acreditation' as a vocational qualification..Perhaps we should brain storm the idea, then get someone else to document it, and finally do bugger all with! 8)
And certain individuals need an SOP (flowcharted for ease) to do the following:

a.  Go for a s*#t.
b.  Eat without dribbling.

However no SOP is required for:

a.  Talking s*#t.
b.  Getting things done (other people there to do it for you...saves on the embarassment of admitting u r clueless)

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