Data recovery from an external HD

Does anyone know anything about recovering data from a bricked Seagate external hard drive? Throwing the ******* thing at the wall hasn't worked, funnily enough. :-x


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Can you still power it up?

Look up "HIRENS Boot Disc"....its a CD image (may be DVD as well) and on it are a shed load of utilities, inc. data recovery.

You can also google freeware data recovery tools. Lots to try inc RECUVA and RESTORATION which may do the job.

If the data is really important the "pay for" tools are very good.
I've tried one or two of the freeware tools, but no joy so far. It seems to switch on (the 'power' LED lights up) but the drive itself isn't spinning up and my PC isn't detecting it at all.
Had the same prob with a Maxtor. Local fixer couldn't fix, tried RECUVA and RESTORATION. Maxtor wanted thick end of £600 to retrieve. When I balked at the cost the smug cow told me "you don't think it's all that important then".
I'll give EaseUS a try. If that doesn't work I'll format it with a club hammer an donate it to the local land-fill.
why these things aren't standardised i do not know. I have one i toasted by plugging in the wrong power supply. why these things aren't standardised i don't know. I can see the little black thingy that is fried but reading what it is is difficult and it would be fiddly to replace and I still seem to exist without whatever was on it.
Thanks for the help, lads, but it looks like it's royally shagged. Losing these files is going to be a ball-ache, but it's not worth shelling out a couple of hundred notes for forensic recovery. Oh well, time to work out my frustrations by formatting the ****** with with a BFO rock-pick.
If the problem was caused by a dry joint (and it often is), baking it could help, though this pre-supposes you haven't launched it in a hissy-fit.
Sounds daft but.....

Put it inside two ziplock bags or tape sealed sandwich bags. Pop in it your freezer overnight. Nex day let it come to room temp then shake the bastard on the axis of its spindle (roughly where the centre of gravity is) as if trying to free the spindle motor.

Worked for me a couple of times.

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