data loss totals update!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jibman, Dec 24, 2007.

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  1. Ok. So another Data Loss story breaks today. So I just thought I'd do a round up of the numbers here:

    September 2005
    HMRC lose a disc sent by UBS bank containing details of customers of UBS' equity plan.
    Unknown numbers.

    November 2006
    Nationwide laptop conataining details of 11 million customers is stolen from home of employee..

    HMRC stamped sensitive documents found in the street.

    July 4
    Torbay Council's enquiry into a loss of 6,500 details of members of staff on 2 discs concludes that the Discs never existed. Enquiry costs £18,000.

    July 19
    Newcastle City Council accidently publishes details of 54,000 people on the internet.

    HMRC Laptop containg hundreds of names stolen from car boot.

    HMRC loses details on 25 million people.

    October 30
    HMRC admits that at least 6 more discs are missing.

    Fed Ex sends Scottish Pension documents for 200 people to Stobhill Hospital instead of their intended destination. Documents eventually found.

    November 07
    Watchdog exposes HMRC sending personal and sensitive information to the wrong people.

    November 07
    HMRC lose a disc containing details of 15,000 Standard Life Customers.

    Government owns up to knowing that 3 million learner drivers had their details lost in Iowa by the DSA in May.

    December 01
    DWP admits that an ex contracted worker kept 2 discs containing up to 18,000 names and benefit details - adults and children.

    December 04
    Government admits that more firms are coming forward and admitting data loss: No details on who.

    December 11
    Leeds Building Society mislays information on 1,000 of its staff.

    December 11
    DVLA in Northern Ireland loses details on 6,000 people on discs sent to Swansea.

    December 12
    DWP Loses hundreds of confidential forms in transit containing details of members of the public.

    December 18
    HMRC in Cardiff loses 6,500 details of customers of a pension firm.

    December 21
    Skipton building society loses details of 14,000 customers on a stolen laptop.

    December 23
    9 NHS Trusts admit to losing data on thousands of adults and children.

    Total numbers of confirmed losses: 39,114,700

    Ok, now some people may well have had their details lost two or three times, but it's still shocking. Close to three quarters of the population of the entire country have had some or all of their details lost, mainly by government agencies in the last two years. That's not counting the numbers that are still coming through or not given or the scandals we have yet to hear about, as reported, several companies have reported data loss to the Government in secret.

    I know when the HMRC 25 million figure came out, several people were saying that it couldn't be the Governments fault. It was a mistake by a lone junior official. I think this completely blows that out of the water. There is endemic, systemic, and complete failure in the data protection in several Government Agencies. A few building societies figure, but each have only one incidence here. It's government agencies again and again. Draw your own conclusions.
  2. ID cards dead. [​IMG]
  3. It's nice to know that, having had PERSEC drummed into me from day one, that the government takes it seriously :roll:
  4. Nah ID cards on the way, but only as a means to ensure that the entire populations identitity and details is as full circulated as humanly possible (if humans the right word for anything todo with HMG?)
  5. Well, if everyone has everybodys data, then they can't pin anything on anyone 8O You've got to loove them :roll:
  6. The labour party have, since coming to power, shown that they have much in common with the many African countries...namely that they are corrupt, dictorial* and unable to run a country.

    *Not sure if thats actually a word, I mean they are like a dictatorship.
  7. Errrr? Is this the right site to download my NI number. My bank details. My wife's bra size and her lingerie persuasions? Wood like too know before we pass on any intimate details. Cheers!

  8. Government: "We are sorry, but after this spate of unacceptable mishaps, we cannot bring ourselves to sanction the ID Card scheme"

    Behind the scenes: "Good thing we didn't go through with that after all, seeing as we had lost public support. We are so good at this. *spin, spin spin*"

  9. My bold. I haven`t laughed so hard for years.

    With all the data loss currently happening at Governmental level, the criminals are complaining of data overload in there pursuit of ID theft.

    Information is power, and clearly, this Government have demonstrated time and time again, that it is not competant enough to deal with these huge amounts of sensitive personal data.
  10. Dictatorial is the word you are looking for.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Fine paid by all Nationwide members whose data was lost!

  12. msr

    msr LE

  13. what really grips me about this sorry tale is that no one is going to be held to account over the goverments fcuk ups,in these private companies heads have probably rolled but not in brown,s little circle,we,re getting more like a communist state every day. :( the way this country is run is a disgrace,no wonder so many of us are leaving these sorry shores.
  14. Oh not to mention the alleged 11,000 illegal immigrants who are currently working as security guards!! Maybe they will administer the ID cards!!!
  15. and another one to add to jibman's list:

    BBC Webpage source

    Somebody from PA Consulting will have their nuts cut for this. No doubt a junior consultant - again!

    Then, once the government has blamed PA, maybe the Home Secretary will address the government, and explain why this data was authorised to be transferred in this manner, and what purpose this data collectively had to PA, for them to require analysis of the full record set?

    This, again, is a joke. Yet another example of the fast and loose approach that HMG's own departments take to data sy.

    After Gordon Brown has returned from Beijing, maybe he can get answers from the Home Secretary on how data from her department is now unaccounted for? I recall that after the HMRC data loss, much fanfare about all government departments tightening up procedures and focusing on the issues of data sy.

    Doesn't appear to have done much good Prime Minister. Get a grip PM, or step down.

    3/10 - Must try harder.