Data cards G3/GPRS

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Narcissus, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. Ok I am getting sick and tired of ResNET with all it's blocks, can someone please tell me the following recarding these cards, if I get one can I?:

    play SL

    Use Webcam

    use torrent sites / bitload etc

  2. Fluffy sometimes uses are GPRS card, PM him?
  3. I would say not - for starters you are billed per Mb used (up and down the line)

    the speed it cack and it drops more times than gokus pants.

  4. I used to be away from home a lot and used a Vodaphone 3G datacard. It was betetr than nothing and allowed me to play WoW (just.... because I nevr got 3G signal whee i was) most of the time.

    But as mentioned above, the data rates flucuate greatly depending where you are. If you dont commit to a Data tarrif, it is terribly expensive. That said, I paid £45 a month for unlimited. So I suppose "expensive" is relevant to how much you use it and how much you earn.
    (I know I would have spent more than £45 a month in the Pub if I hadn't had it) :D
  5. T Mobile have some very good deals on GPRS/G3 cards at the moment, with their Web n Walk scheme.

    I get unlimited access £ 20 a month or so, although as Rincewind says, speed can be erratic at times, and is very dependent on signal strength.

    They also reduce your data tx rate if they think you're hogging the system too much. Although it's billed as unlimited, it's actually about 2Gb.

    They say you can't use streaming video or audio, or VOIP, but those in the know reckon they have no way of telling what you're really doing.

    Webcam does work as long as you can get the G3 signal. On GPRS it's very slow.

    I don't use torrents, so wouldn't know if they work or not.

    Hope this helps.
  6. What sort of speeds are you lot talking about here?

    Would I be able to do BF 2142?
  7. No mate.

    upto a 2mb pipe (claimed) but its still radio packets - so unreliable.

    i wouldnt try it.

  8. So shitty pings?
  9. As a rought guide I played WoW on mine for almost a year, and it was ony a 2G connection, a good Ping was 1200, for WoW I could cope with anything up to about 2000, but sometimes we were talking pings of 14,000 - 26,000
  10. FFS.

    I need pings of about
  11. I dont get that at home never mind 3G lol
  12. I do.
    300m from exchange.....
    5.5mb download too...
  13. 7.2mb down and a ping of 22 usually from home - perfect for BF2 and BF2142

  14. RW what server you use?