Dashing Young Officer

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by Country_Bumpkin, Apr 27, 2006.

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  1. A dashing young officer seeks a young lady, good sense of humour, long brown hair and dusty blue eyes. Must have a love of the outdoors and be creative in the bedroom department. Must have her own teeth.

    Aforementioned officer is 25 years old, incredibly handsome, GSOH, non-smoker, light drinker, likes the outdoors, keen sportsman, interested in science and technology and has all his own teeth. Located in NE England.

    Applications by PM and accompanied by military CV. Initial tour of duty is 6-months, extendable up to 1 year for the right candidate.
  2. Nice of you to try to get dates for one of your mates. :lol:
  3. What's your obsession with teeth?
  4. talk to burly whirley or what ever she's called

  5. So demanding!

    Hmmmm I wonder if the officer in question is that demanding in bed.... ;-)

  6. Would you settle for long brown teeth and crusty blue eyes?
  7. If your a dashing young officer and need a woman then go to the nearest club and start spouting the old one liner "I'm an officer don't you know" and start unleashing the plastic.
  8. Sandy unless you're now batting for the other team I would suggest they wouldn't be! :-D

    Or is it for a 'friend' ? ;-)
  9. This is also an ethical young officer - doesn't believe in buying his way into a woman's kecks!
  10. Do you mean you are cheap and won't get the drinks in?
  11. A slightly different slant on this statement if you will - would he be adverse to treating the lucky lady to some new kecks?? (Pref. AgentP :-D)
  12. PM the details of your Gran Sandmanfez and I'll be sure they get the appropriate treatment.
  13. I think you must have hit the nail on the head there Sandy. Custard creams and a leakproof bag seem to be the way forward :p

    Shame, I was going to put myself forward to the position if the response to the knickers question was answered. But there's no point now, as there is no way I can compete with Granny Sandy. I have even heard through the grapevine that she can still do that thing with her hips even since the operation.....
  14. This dashing young officer can fit you in at the weekends Flowers, if you're still interested. Or maybe he can accommodate you and Sandy's Gran at the same time?
  15. So, no private income, then... :D