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  1. Now back in the mists of time(cold war) when no-one was shooting at us and life was lovely in the army, It was a time when officers' did'nt have a real job,so to compensate for this and to keep their profile high amongst us they used to adopt completly barking behaviour and a dress code that would have put oxfam to shame, you know the sort? foppish hair, coloured pullovers complete with holes and labrador hairs,swagger sticks (do they still have them?)
    now after saying that I found them all Gentlemen,
    Can anyone think of any barking examples from their own time.
    obviously no names.
    Oh I nearly forgot...there used to be a Calvary Reg in Munster jeez I think their boss was Fred Karno :)
  2. There was a Major at Norton Manor Camp Taunton back in 1980 who wore Aaron jumpers and went everywhere with a little terrier! I remember him setting fire to his self at a BBQ he had that summer!!!
  3. We had a TO at 24 Fd Amb in Catterick in the late 80's whose real name escapes me as we all called him "Capt Aceeeed". His general demeanour indicated that that's what he was on most of the time. I next saw him as a QM at BMH Rinteln and under his watchful eye you could walk in and take whatever you wanted, no questions asked! :D
  4. Remember a certain troop leader on Ex.Deep South,'62,crawling out of his bivvy wearing scarlet pyjamas.Don't think it was a bet either.
  5. Can't remember which camp it was in Germany but I saw a Merc that some officer had sprayed cam!
  6. Why did they insist on wearing those dodgy looking, varying coloured jerseys with leather elbow patches. Or do they still?
  7. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Because they are comfy of course. Twit! :D
  8. RE Captain PR & A Wing early 80's , Methodist Lay Preacher.Renowned for wearing monogrammed silk PJs in the field and always consoling himself last thing by reading a passage from a massive Bible that would have put the REPB to shame as a BFO book.

  9. I would have liked to have seen him try and trade it in at a merc dealers :)
  10. Oh yes, silly me.

    I`ll get me coat.
  11. I remember a certain cavalry officer, of South African extraction and black sheep of the family, riding around Soltau on the smoke diffuser of his Centurion, with a pewter mug of Cherry Brandy in one hand, and a riding crop in the other, shouting "Tally Ho", and nobody taking the slightest notice!

    In the same Regiment was a Rodney who could not map read, so he set his gun to North each morning , and then switched to Stab!
  12. Had a Gunner CO in the seventies, famed for smoking his pipe upside down whenever it rained; he also decided one time that the fitter section, having not fixed one of his guns, would take its place in a battery move, using their stolly and doing gun drills on the HIAB. Priceless!
  13. Had one RE CO at Hohne a few years back who decided to parade the regiment for a snowball fight. 2 squadrons lined up 20 yards apart and the RSM gave the order to start the snow ball fight. He and the CO were of course targeted with a barrage of snowballs from both sides and retreated smartly.
  14. 2SG in the 80s, we had a Major who was the mutts. Barbour jacket on exercise, nicely coloured scarves etc but best of all...He wore a monocle!!

    Barking but top notch bloke. Double barreled name too. Quality Guards Officer material.
  15. Lots of the Cavalry officers on pilot training at Middlewallop in the early 60,s were real toffs mess carpark full of etypes , morgans ,mgs even the odd lagonda and bentley, and the highclass tottie and their sunday morning breakfast in bed,Were any of you oldtimers members of the C! Club, if you have to ask what type of club then you were not a member!!!!