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  1. I would love to gain a commission, in ethier the army or the Marienes, and im well on the way, But...
    I have exercise induced athsma.

    I have no trace of asthma at all when at rest, and i can walk as far as you want me to as fast as you want, and im as strong as you like, but this exercise induced athsma is really a big problem.

    has anyone got any experience with exercise induced athsma? has anyone had it in the past? is it possible to get it to a level where it doesnt matter? am i likely to grow out of it (im 17)?

    I can deal with it without meds, and do, infact i nolonger have them with me.

    HELP ME!

  2. i cant pretend to give you advice, but what i do know is there is loads of previous thread's on athsma and such.
    happy hunting
  3. i have looked, nothing that specific. yes yes, search button, yes yes used it. i am heading to the GP's soon and will ask similar questions, was just wondering about other thoughts on the matter from those who may have actualy gone throught the process.

    thanks for your reply though johnboy.
  4. If your doctor told you you're fecked, you probably shouldn't pin your hopes on something you just cannot do. Don't take it personally, simply accept an unalterable fact and find another career; sometimes you can't argue with fate.

    Remember, it isn't remotely your fault, any more than it is for a serving soldier who loses a hand, but those are the rules.

    Equally, it may be that in ten years time you're clear in which case all may be well; you need to get an expert medical prognosis and be very realistic about applying it.

    Sorry I can't be more sanguine, SMP
  5. thanks.
    i havent officialy been told im 'fecked' yet, but that may well be the case. i still have untill im 26 ish to get over this though.

    ive been mulling over other careers, and nothing comes up to scratch.
  6. As I recall, you have to be three years clear of symptoms and medication...

    In many cases folk get heaved as a result of GPs handing out Ventolin etc to kids as the first rather than the last resort. Many children grow out of it, partiularly if they are reasonably active.
  7. i was last pesctibed medication a year ago. i dont intend on applying untill twenty anyway, that will give me my four years free from meds. oh and its four years not three (though i may be wrong)

    and no i wasnt 'heaved' it was pretty serious as an infant. (i went blue an everything!)
  8. Im not even going to post a reply in this thread, There is lots of threads on asthma and such.
  9. You just did. and i've explained myr reasons for starting a new one.
  10. I had asthma when i was born but grew out of it when i got to 14.

    You have to be FULLY clear of any inhalers or like medication for at least 3 or 4 years. They wont touch you otherwise.

    Then once you've been of that, you then have to prove you no longer have asthma.

    This is done by breathing cold air into your lings while on a bike machine for ten minutes.

    Then you have to do a kind of peak flow where you have to breath into a tube and keep on breathing for as long as you can.

    If you fail that test you will not allowed to join the army.
  11. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Yeah, I've done that test as well..
    It was fine, and apparently my peak flow meter result was the best of anyone, so the female doctor said I'd be more than fine..

    Good luck WouldntYouLikeToKnow, it sounds as though you may have to waita bit past 20 though, depending on whether or not you can get rid of the asthma
  12. thanks guys, i apreciate the vote of confidence, that gives me a glimmer of hope.

    hmm, it sounds like i could pass that now! my exercise induced athsma is very wierd. i dont understand it. i will see what the Doc has to say on the matter.

    Has anyone had troubles with a doctor being biased against the military and giving bad results and attitdes as a result. i know they should stand by the hipocratic oath, but that counts for little these days.

    thanks guys
  13. I used to have a mild form of athsma when i was about 10ish i think. I had this different kind of enhaler and after i used it for a few weeks i was cured.

    Not sure what that was called though.
  14. I had serious asthma from i was no age till about 7 years old, and i used to go purple an all over it :S

    but yeah you will do a bike machine test at the selection centre on the medical side of the selection, if your a smoker like me lol id advise do yourself a favour and dont touch one on the medical day until you pass it, cos it will mess up your ability to do the peak flow, i had a smoke like an hour before it, and i failed twice, but then she said if you dont get it this time you will have to wait a year so i thought fcuk it lol so i literally squeezed every last piece of air out of me and still just passed lol but id say that was cos of the smoke i had, tends to give you heavy breathing...

    good luck to you anyway mate, i know how you feel i was in your position, its very daunting when you think about wether your guna be accepted... me i was getting grey hairs over selection, then when i got in the army after 12 weeks i left lol :S now 2 years on still nuffin in life so i got a letter they want me to re-enlist so am off to pirbright on july to finish what i started :D

    good luck pal.