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It seems despite the lockdowns (or whatever the hell is going on), what traffic there is on the road seems to have more of a disregard for the rules and regulations than normal.

The other evening on returning from food drop offs and waiting at a set of lights, the dames light changed to green and she sat there as some tube failed to stop at his lights and tear through a solid red.
She said she had seen him coming and he didn’t look like he was going to get stopped or was even making an attempt to do.

The driver on her inside, obviously thinking she was mental as she was frantically waving at him not to go, saw what was happening it would have been quite a bang.

I realise a dashcam would be of little help in an impact like this, apart from to show she was clobbered while moving on a green.

Any ideas on a dashcam, something discreet, so she can throw it away when her rallying goes wrong.
Thank you


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I got a couple of 30 quid jobs off Amazon.

Does the job.

Joshua Slocum

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I have a Blackvue system fitted front and rear, very discreete, downloads onto a mobile phone
in the event of an accident never mention the dashcam to other drivers, I have seen a big mouth wally try to grab one so he could look at the evidence ( and wipe it)
the blackvue has no screen, it links to the phone, or you remove the SD card to download on a PC
I tried a cheaper one when I changed car, but it failed so I paid a bit more and went back to Blackvue
had them in the other two cars ( left them in situ)
saved me lots of hassle when I was sideswiped by a 4x4 thingy
They can, with some insurers, drop your premiums too as it makes it easier for your insurer to blame another driver (if it's not your fault) in the event of a crash.
If I had the money i'd go Blackvue front and rear, for the quality of the live recording and the ability to record any collision/impact whilst parked. They're the dashcam of choice for the discerning drug importer too - thick twat link


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Thinkware F770 - front & rear cameras, no silly in-car screen, lots of options for park protection. 1080p recording to card accessible via phone 'app', motion detection recording or continuous parking selectable.
Very good night recording - helped plod feel the collars of a couple of scrotes that had been trying car door handles in a wide area in the small hours a couple of weeks ago.
Also cut short a tw@t's claim against me when the (rear and front) recordings showed him undertaking me in a bus stop, trying to get through a pedestrian crossing with central island at the same time as me, then pulling in front over a 'T' junction.... I sustained a scuffed wheel rim whilst he lost both wing mirrors, OSF door panel and OS sill trim. Ford Fiesta ST vs. Landrover Discovery 3 - guess which is mine ;)

Gratuitous screenshot


I’ve got an Itek Slimline, £15 from an independent hardware shop. For that price I couldn’t resist.

Has night vision, motion sensor etc. Can’t go wrong at that price, and I can’t see the point of spending £100 on something that won’t do anything extra.
Another vote for Blackvue. No daft built in screen as said, but can connect to my Android head unit.

This is the one I have: (although I got mine for a bit under £300 from eBay (new)



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Like most things insurance related, the devil is in the detail, if the camera image is not clear, it's unlikely to help your case - the cost of mine was about a third of what the premium hike would've been in just the first year.
I have one on my car but 2 on my bikes.

The really obvious rear one on my top boxes is magic, Tail gaters close in, moments later they are back at a respectable distance.

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