Daschle deeply embarrassed over tax issues

Discussion in 'US' started by KevinB, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. Tom Daschle is the man Obama has chosen to oversee the reform of health care in US. Trouble is, Mr. Daschle made an 'innocent' mistake on his taxes. I can tell where the average American would be if they made such an innocent mistake. Hounded by the IRS and/or serving time.

    "A committee memo obtained Friday by CNN indicates committee members want to discuss the use of a car and driver that Daschle didn't disclose on his income taxes, and nonpayment of taxes on more than $80,000 he earned in consulting fees after leaving the Senate."


    And everyone backs him up - I can't believe there is not someone just as suitable for this position who didn't 'forget' to pay taxes.
  2. Like Geithner?

    Maybe they need to try and get Rangle, I hear he's qualified....

    Oh right he has tax troubles as well. Funny that those so willing to raise my taxes can't even pay theirs, and they write the tax code.......
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Oops, I appear not to have noticed all that private work I was doing, or that I should have paid $80,000 in taxes. Silpped my mind, yep, innocent mistake, uhuh, accountant forgot to mention it, yessiree!
  4. And of course he won't bow out gracefully...

    "WASHINGTON – Fighting to salvage his Cabinet nomination, Tom Daschle pleaded his case Monday evening in a closed meeting with former Senate colleagues after publicly apologizing for failing to pay more than $120,000 in taxes. President Barack Obama said he was "absolutely" sticking with his nominee for health secretary, and a key senator added an important endorsement.

    The White House both underscored the magnitude of the problem and tried to downplay it in the space of seven words. "Nobody's perfect," said press secretary Robert Gibbs. "It was a serious mistake. ...""

    Nobody's perfect? Just try telling that to the IRS. :roll:
  5. "WASHINGTON – Tom Daschle withdrew Tuesday as President Barack Obama's nominee to be health and human services secretary, dealing potential blows to both speedy health care reform and Obama's hopes for a smooth start in the White House."


    Good. Surely there are other just as qualified people who can do the job...
  6. I think the world will watch as most of Obamas cabinet are done for sleaze in the next four years, including the big man himself. I predict that in two years 75% of the current executive will have had something serious levelled at them. There has never been a democrat government that has avoided sleaze, and Obama is from Illinois...
  7. A classic case of "Do as I say, not as I do. " Cnut grease balls the feckin lot of em!.
  8. DascHole is just honoring the new new new Obama rule "Only one tax cheat allowed a cabinet position at a time"

    Kilfer (or how ever she spells her name) also removed herself from consideration...

    I would have loved to see DacsHole confirmed national health care would be DOA as he would have spent all his political clout just getting the position.
  9. "Innocent Mistake My Arse"

    How do you Innocently forget $120,000.00 worth of income?

    He also took a Tax Break on his DC home by declaring it his primary residence, while Voting in South Dakota stating his house in that State was His Primary residence.

    If any of us forget to pay our Taxes, think we would get an "Aw Shucks, Gee Willikers" from the IRS? :roll:

    In 2004, during his failed re-election campaign, it was revealed that Daschle claimed a property-tax homestead exemption for his $1.9 million Washington, D.C. mansion. The problem was that in order to claim the tax exemption, Daschle had to certify under penalty of perjury that the mansion was his primary residence. Daschle did so, and got the tax exemption, but there was a problem. Daschle had voted in South Dakota, the state he represented, by absentee ballot, listing a South Dakota address as his primary residence. South Dakota primary residency also was a requirement of Daschle running for office. When the homestead issue surfaced, accusations were made that Daschle or someone on his behalf altered the records to make it appear that only Daschle’s wife has applied for the exemption.

    Daschle’s opponent, now Senator John Thune, made an issue of this tax dodge in the campaign, and Daschle was defeated…How much did Tom Daschle save on his homestead exemption tax dodge? A measly $288
  10. Dont Forget Chris Dodd of CT. and Charlie Rangle of NY and their "Innocent Mistakes" :roll: The Democrats are getting a reputation as Bunko Artists
  11. Have to say that some of these nominees do not look good for Obama. You would have thought they would have been vetted thouroughly first.

    Still, I hope Obama has not wasted too much political capital on it and he can get the changes needed pushed through both houses. It the republicans don't like it, too bad.
  12. How can you forget to pay your tax FFS another septic at the trough. Its bad enough that they have trashed the world's banking system with their stupid sub prime loans now the right hand of god's "Obama" mans been caught on the fiddle a sign of thing to come me thinks.
  13. Have to agree with you, the ordinary citizen cannot 'forget' to pay tax. An associate of mine didn't pay tax on $500 (a part time job he forgot about), and was hounded by MA and federal gobment and had to pay back tax with penalties.

    As I said, it is not an auspicious start but hopefully not bad enough to derail Obama's economic stimulus package.
  14. It's not known as Taxachusetts for nothing you know...

    Must keep those scumbag Kennedys awash in pork
  15. Errr.... shouldn't that be "the politicians"? Or was I imagining the whole Jack Abramoff thing, and Tom DeLay, Tom Feeney, Bob Ney.

    Go further back, and there's always Richard Nixon.

    Face it, power corrupts. Whether they're Republican, Democrat, there are plenty of examples of corruption, incompetence, pork barreling, and tax dodging on all sides.